$ 1.7 million raised at Romney fundraiser

Gov Romney & Dr. Sampat Shivangi

JACKSON, MS: A glittering fundraising event was held in Jackson, MS on July 16 for Governor Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for the President of United States
Governor Phil Bryant of Mississippi headed as State Campaign Chairman. Dr Sampat Shivangi, the only Indian American, served as Event Chair with others for Governor Mitt Romney’s fundraising event. Dr Shivangi is also a delegate at the upcoming RNC Convention in Tampa, FL to be held from Aug 25-30, to officially nominate Gov. Romney as Republican Candidate for Presidency.
A whopping $ 1.7 million were raised at this event which is one of the highest funds raised by a comparatively small state like Mississippi.
Governor Romney was upbeat on his chances of victory as citizens of this country have been disillusioned on promises unfulfilled by President Obama and his message of change and hope are still far from reality.
Governor Romney promised to set the economy of the country on the right path and create jobs.
He declared that he is close to Romney Victory, amidst thunderous applause.

India Post News Service