2155 lives lost in monsoon rains, floods across India

NEW DELHI: As many as 2,155 people lost their lives and another 45 were reported missing this monsoon season in rains and floods, which affected more than 26 lakh people in 22 states, Union Home Ministry officials said on Friday.

The maximum number of 430 people died in Maharashtra, followed by 227 in West Bengal in rains, floods and landslides that hit as many as 361 districts in the country. According to the officials, 803 people were injured and nearly 20,000 animals lost across the country in the heavy rains and floods, which fully damaged 2.23 lakh houses, partially damaged 2.06 lakh houses and destroyed 14.09 lakh hectares of crops.

A total of 2,155 people had died due to rains and floods so far this year, an official said. Though monsoon remains active in a few parts of the country, the season officially ended on September 30. During the four-month period, the country recorded the highest rainfall since 1994, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

In Maharashtra, where 22 districts were hit by floods, 430 people died, 398 were injured and 7.19 lakh people forced to seek shelter in 305 relief camps. The monsoon rains and floods hit 22 districts in West Bengal, where 227 people lost their lives, 37 were injured, four reported missing and 43,433 took shelter in 280 relief camps. In Bihar, which was hit by floods till this month, 166 people lost their lives and 1.96 lakh took shelter in 282 relief camps, following the deluge that hit 28 districts in the state.

A total of 189 people were killed, 39 injured and seven went missing in Madhya Pradesh, where 32,996 people took shelter in the 98 relief camps set up in 38 districts. In Kerala, heavy rains and floods claimed 181 lives and injured 72. Fifteen people were reported missing in 13 districts. As many as 4.46 lakh people took shelter in 2,227 relief camps in the southern state.

Twenty-two districts in Gujarat were hit by rains and floods during the monsoon season, where 192 people lost their lives, 17 were injured, while 17,783 people took shelter in 102 relief camps. In Karnataka, 285 people lost their lives, 49 were injured and six went missing due to rains and floods in 16 districts. As many as 2.48 lakh people took shelter in 3,261 relief camps.

The rains and floods claimed 101 lives in Assam, where 32 districts were hit by a deluge that resulted in 5.35 lakh people taking shelter in 1,357 relief camps. PTI