32 immigrants found inside refrigerated trailer in Arizona

TUCSON, Arizona: Authorities say two drivers are facing federal human smuggling charges after 32 immigrants were found locked in a refrigerated semitrailer at a southern Arizona immigration checkpoint.
US Customs and Border Protection agents sent the semi for a secondary inspection October 14 after being alerted by a trained dog.

The entire truck was X-rayed and border officials say the images showed dozens of people locked in the trailer.
They say a majority of the immigrants in the trailer were from Mexico although one was a six-year-old boy.

Most were clad in long pants and short-sleeved T-shirts in 47-degree conditions inside the semi.
The names of the two male drivers weren’t immediately released.
Homeland Security officials say they’ve intercepted several human smuggling attempts involving semi-trucks in the Tucson Sector so far this year. AP