5 Tips and Tricks a Blackjack Dealer won’t want you to know

5 Tips and Tricks a Blackjack Dealer won’t want you to know

When it comes to an online casino, blackjack is probably the first choice for most players. It is widely regarded as a game of skill and strategy for ages. It has a cool factor that brings hope for millions of casino players so they spend hours wondering how to win. If you don’t know how to win at blackjack, you are not alone and you have landed at the right place. These expert tips will definitely help you become a high roller on blackjack that a dealer will definitely not want you to know.

Number of Decks Counts

The number of decks helps increase your chances of winning at blackjack games. The multi-deck game has only 0.5% to 0.6% disadvantage over a single deck game with no change in rules. When a 6-8 deck game can affect the odds of winning a bit, there’s more risk to be cheated in a single-deck game. So, it is better to play a 5-deck game to balance out the risk with low chances.

When to Stand and Hit?

If you are a rookie, you may have heard ‘Stand’ and ‘Hit’ terms tossed across the casino floor. Be sure to know these basic options of blackjack before playing the first game, as a new player who wants to score wins. Knowing when to ‘Stand’ ‘Hit’ spells the difference between losing and winning. When you are comfortable making these choices, you can head to the best online casinos.

You can ‘Hit’ to call for another card and ‘Stand’ to hold the cards and finish your turn. If your hand exceeds 21, dealer wins and your bust, no matter what they have at hand. If you are dealt 21 in the beginning, you get blackjack automatically. It usually means you have won 1.5 the amount of bet.

When to Split or Double

The rest of the two blackjack plays are important to know for a rookie, i.e. when to double down and when to split. If you are dealt a pair and you have the option, you can split your hand into two. Place additional bet similar to your first bet to double down the bet for which you will get another card

Don’t take Insurance cards

When describing why is it better to avoid taking insurance, the first step is to find out exactly what it is in terms of blackjack. Once you have been dealt the first two cards, the insurance bet is available, and the face-up card of the dealer is Ace. The insurance bet is available only when you have been dealt the first two cards and the exposed card of the dealer is Ace. Find out if you really want to take an insurance card before you keep playing your hand.

The main reason you should avoid taking insurance is a higher chance of losing than winning. If the dealer gets blackjack, you win insurance. It means his second card is a picture card or ten. There are roughly about 30% chances of this to happen. So, there are 70% chances of losing.

Get the most of Playing Online

There are different benefits of playing blackjack games online, but there are few we will discuss here. By playing online, there is no stress of commuting to the casino and additional costs of drinks, hotel rooms, and tipping dealers. You can play in the comfort of your home and avoid some serious pressure, especially when you are new to this game.

In addition, online casinos have a variety of perks and exciting games. If you are just entering into Blackjack, you will love playing online before you join the real casino. For pro tips and answers, you can easily ask the pros and the dealer. When playing blackjack, you need a balance of skill, knowledge, risk, and bankroll for winning.