6 Perfect HubSpot Alternatives for Your Small Business 

6 Perfect HubSpot Alternatives for Your Small Business 

HubSpot has been known as one of the best inbound marketing platforms that also allows you to carry out a fair amount of marketing automation for your business. As one of the earliest names to bring in this niche and to bridge the gap between the colossal data and the marketing efforts, this platform has gained a great reputation in the marketing niche, especially over the past decade. With this, we have also seen a rise in HubSpot alternatives that have tried to bring many a gap that can be found in this original platform itself. 

So, when we look at HubSpot, one of the main and glaring disparities would be the fact that the pricing model and the constant support are slightly lacking – especially when compared to other models and platforms like Engage Bay. Also, there are a number of features that HubSpot is yet to offer even as it has made its mark. This evolution is also being taken care of by the alternatives to HubSpot, which can take care of your own ever evolving needs when you are in the marketplace to achieve your own business goals and targets. So, what exactly can a good HubSpot alternative do for you? Before we look at these alternatives, we should look at the features, which are as follows:

Better Information Handling

 When we are looking at inbound marketing as well as number of marketing automation functions that would be integrated with our CRM or the customer relationship management side, we would have to pay special attention to how the relevant information is being collected, stored and assigned to the functions for call up at the right time. This would make it more relevant and actionable even as it works in context with the broad marketing strategy that we would have set forth. This is something that a good HubSpot alternative would have to cater to. 

Appropriate Positioning

One of the main tasks of marketing is positioning. Without positioning, the reach of the product or the service cannot be determined and it would possibly also fail upon launch. With the right positioning ideals, the information and big data surrounding your customers and prospects out there would also be used in a far better and more relevant manner so that actual conversions can happen on this basis. This is something that a lot of small businesses need to understand before they sign up on HubSpot or any of the HubSpot alternatives readily available out there. 


This is one of the biggest hindrances for anyone and everyone who is online and looking to make a mark. When you own a small business, it becomes a matter of greatimportance for you to make a mark with your limited resources so that the return on investment is higher, which would make your business that much more scalable and geared for faster growth and conversions as well. In order to do this, you may have to choose a HubSpot alternative that can actually give you better price points so that you can tap into the advantage of more with less. Further, such an alternative would also have to allow you to upgrade to an enterprise level model or plan when the time is right and when you are on a growth bound trajectory within your operations. 

Seamless Integrations

While HubSpot is one of the oldest platforms when it comes to inbound marketing and other such ideals as well as CRM, there are a number of alternatives to HubSpot that offer you many features and advantages like integrations. You would have many channels, processes and systems working at one time in order to get through that sales pipeline and to get the right kind of information. If you are a small business owner, you would need to bring all that information with the right functions onto a single platform so that you are able to make maximum use of the features without having to distract the team members between the multiple platforms. This is where the need for integrations would step in. Alternatives to HubSpot should be able to offer you seamless integrations with much ease so that you can accordingly bring all your channels and information on to a single platform for easy and quick use. 

Now that we know the advantages that we are looking for in an alternative to HubSpot, let us look at these 6 alternatives to find the best one for a small business:

  1. EngageBay: This can easily be called one of the top tier alternatives to HubSpot since it does not only give you a wide range of features, but it helps you organize everything on one single platform since it can get your marketing automation and CRM on the same page. This has worked to the advantage of over 12000 clients worldwide even as EngageBay offers the most affordable plans and constant support for all your setup and maintenance needs. 
  2. InfusionSoft: This is also a well known platform that offers marketing automation in terms of email marketing and gives you some scope for lead generation as well. 
  3. SendInBlue: If you are looking at only email marketing, then this HubSpot alternative would also fit the bill, although it may be a little pricey without all the features in place, unlike a platform like EngageBay. 
  4. Ontraport: This is also a well know alternative to HubSpot and you can rely on it for your lead generation and email marketing leads so that you get the best of both worlds. 
  5. Aritic Pin Point: This is also a platform that can help you organize your resources for better email marketing and other marketing automation performance. 
  6. Drip: This is a well known CRM platform that offers some features for your marketing automation needs, mainly in terms of email marketing. 

After studying all the alternatives to HubSpot, we can gather that EngageBay would be the best option for marketing!