Online Lottery in India

Well, you guessed it right, the lottery is not everything about luck, there are certain tips and tricks you need to follow to win a lottery in India or at least potentially increase your odds when you’re buying a lottery ticket and playing to win a lot of money.

Basically, if you think about it, lotteries are just about picking a random lucky number that may or may not be selected by the lottery software as the winning number for the lottery. We need to understand the fact that there is no sure shot or a definite way to predict the number which could be selected as the winner.

However, we can do a couple of things in order to make sure that we have a certain amount of leverage with a few odds in our favour. Below mentioned are some tips and tricks which would potentially better your odds of winning a lottery;

  • Improve your chances of winning the lottery by playing the Right Amount of Games

A major fact that you need to take into consideration is that your work in winning a lottery is not just done by entering a random lottery competition. There are different lottery competitions with different odds of winning and different prizes as well. 

You need to list out the potential lottery competitions and choose the best lottery available which provides you with both, good odds for winning and also good enough prize money. 

A lot of lottery games, especially the ones which are national lotteries, have fixed odds for winning. However, in a hypothetical scenario if a lot of people enter the lottery on unexpected terms a jackpot could be split which would lower your prize money in the particular lottery.

  • Joining a lottery pool or a Syndicate

There is one simple moto that needs to be fit into one’s mind while getting a lottery ticket. The greater the number of lottery tickets bought, the better the chances of winning in that particular lottery.

What you can do in this case is ask people in your family, friends, co-workers, or any other group of people to pool money for lottery tickets such that you get a larger amount of tickets without a single person breaking his/her bank. 

Thus, with the greater amount of tickets in hand you hold a greater amount of chance to win the lottery. 

The only disadvantage of this tip is that you will eventually have to split the money between the winners in case you win the lottery.

  • Keep Track of your lottery wins

It would be really bad if you actually won a lottery and did not claim the money out of it because of responsibility or just a silly mistake. 

There have been several instances where people have not claimed their lotteries worth thousands of dollars simply because they may have forgotten about it, or didn’t double-check the numbers. 

Whenever you buy a lottery ticket it is recommended that whenever you buy a particular lottery ticket you keep it in a place you can easily locate as you would be reminded about the existence of such lottery tickets on a regular basis. 

  • Increase your winning chances for a lottery with Second Chance Games 

A lot of lotteries offer a second chance to draw on tickets that did not win. So don’t be let down by the fact that your lottery didn’t go through as expected and you lost it, you have another go at it and there is a great chance that you may win in this instance. 

Next time you are planning to buy a lottery ticket keep in mind the Second Chance games and plan your lottery accordingly. 

Most of the time if you use strategies well in tandem with your luck it will bring you good fortune in terms of the lottery. 

  • Someone else loss might be your win

A lot of the time people just throw away their tickets after the lottery has been drawn or even if they are disappointed. However, just because they have been disposed of does not mean that they are not valuable. 

A lot of the time people do not check the numbers properly and just throw away the ticket just like that, well you can pick the ticket up and claim the prize if the other person who disposed of the ticket was irresponsible. 

Even if the first draw didn’t get you a victory you can use the ticket for trying out your luck in the second chance draw as well. 

  • Secure your lottery tickets

The last thing you want to do if you’re lucky enough to win the lottery is to let your lottery ticket slip out from your grasp. 

Well, to tackle the threat of the ticket being stolen or misplaced, the first thing you should do is to put your signature on it, since after that anyone who may have stolen your ticket cannot claim it. 

The signature on the Lottery Ticket will help you to prove to the lottery organizers that the lottery belongs to the actual winner which is you. You can also exercise the option of using a trust system to claim the lottery win. This particular option will also let you stay anonymous throughout the lottery claiming process.

  • Increase your cut by using unconventional numbers

You might know that it is impossible to know which number would be chosen for the lottery win. However, there’s one point worth noting that if you just choose the normal or conventionally regular numbers like one, two, three and so on and win the lottery with these number sequences your payout or cut in the jackpot will be significantly less. This is because a lot of people will be opting for the same number in the lottery. 

To get around this, it is recommended that you use rarer and more unconventional prime numbers which get opted by a low margin of people, thus increasing your payout and your cut in the jackpot to a significantly higher amount.