70% Indian mothers not influenced by political gimmicks, concerned over education, safety study

NEW DELHI: About 70 per cent Indian mothers are not influenced by political gimmickry during elections and consider education and woman’s safety as big issues of concern, according to a new study.
The study carried out by Momspresso, a multilingual content platform for mothers, surveyed 1,317 mothers across India with a variation of — working (36.9 per cent) and homemaker (66.1 per cent).

The study finds that 70 per cent of Indian moms are not influenced by political gimmicks.
“About 70 per cent of Indian moms are worried about their safety in the country. While 22 per cent of the metro cities moms are influenced by the media, 28 per cent of non-metro moms are influenced by their friends and family while voting,” the study said.

The study said over 80 per cent Indian mothers seek more schools for children, 84 per cent want more day-cares in all major companies or in big office areas of the cities. Inflation is a growing concern for nine out of 10 working moms, the study finds.

“All surveyed working moms think there should be more breastfeeding rooms in public places. Eight out of 10 Indian moms feel food adulteration will affect their child’s health in future. Nine out of 10 moms in East India rely on their own decision while voting,” it said.

The study said the top concerns include safety of women in the country accounting for 70 per cent, safety of children in the country (62 per cent), education (45 per cent) pollution (23 per cent) and corruption (23 per cent). PTI