A Hindu perspective on London and Hague terror incidents

A Hindu perspective on London and Hague terror incidents


The word Kfir or Kafir or Kuffar has induced hatred up to the level of the murder of innocents for the last 1400 years.

The pattern is the same globally. Someone gets radicalized in a particularly religious place and then attempts to kill non-Muslims to uplift themselves spiritually. This pattern has been repeated for more than 1,000 years against Hindus and maybe almost equally against Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians. This pattern of religiously ordained violence against non-Muslims will continue until the whole world submits to that faith. This hatred seems to be equivalent to spiritual progress by many in that community. But for how long can the world continues to tolerate is a question on everyone’s mind.

The perpetual unhappiness and insecurity being taught in their religious places against Kafirs is probably the only root cause that can be surmised.

This is in vast contrast to other faiths such as Hinduism or Buddhism or Christianity, where advancement on the spiritual path comes from deep spiritual practices. When non-Muslims try to defend themselves, they are called racist, bigots and Islamophobic by this community. Don’t non-Muslims also have human rights to defend and expect this religious hatred against them to stop?

These hateful incidents have united other faiths more so than ever so to defend themselves because the media and their ecosystem has left no avenue for them to be heard.

The word Kafir appears almost 420 times in a particular religious text. The only punishment for Kafir until that person doesn’t convert, is either higher tax known as Jizya or get killed. The material and spiritual paths are linked to a degree of violent fanaticism. The utopian goals of enjoying 72 virgins seem to be a very materialistic goal.

Hinduism especially teaches reduction in materialistic needs before someone leaves the body. Replacing materialistic desires with spiritual goals are part of the core principles of Hinduism. Exclusive focus on vegetarianism as one of the core principles brings kindness, cleanliness and morality in the practitioners of Hinduism. Their gentleness has often been construed as weakness.

London and Hague incidents open up many questions.

How many times will this continue to repeat? Why is that one faith can produce so many religion-inspired criminals? The answer may be in the texts that routinely inspire such acts. The root cause of this terror at regular intervals has to be found. It is becoming difficult for non-Muslim people to go on with their daily lives because of issues that are foreign to their land.

The radicalized people are supported by their community leaders who will blame foreign political issues for radicalization.

Ambulances, fire engines and trucks have become the new weapons in their hands. These incidents become more prominent when non-Muslims celebrate their religious festivals.

Hinduism was attacked by Islamic zealots for almost 1,000 years, but people retained their faith even while getting persecuted. That’s the depth of Hinduism or Hindutva and it has now emerged even stronger.

More and more people are adopting Hinduism in their lives willingly despite all negative propaganda against it by opposing faiths.

Hinduism has become a global movement because of the inherent respect for diversity built into it. The message of universality of Hinduism has allowed Hindus to conquer hatred with divine love. Most Hindus have no hatred even towards their oppressors, and also towards people who vandalized their places of worship. Because faith is kept separate from criminality. Political events do not sustain the faith of 1.3 billion Hindus. However, the religious hatred preached against them has resulted in them becoming more defensive.

The solution to this mayhem is achievable when the whole world unites to demand a corrective course from this community.

Their religious places and teachings must conform to a common minimum program that ensures no hatred is taught against people of any other faith. For that tough decisions have to be taken. No amount of silencing in any form is acceptable to non-Muslims. The generosity and tolerance of non-Muslims in their own countries has been tested to the hilt.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are personal to the author.