A Post Corona world

A Post Corona world

Aditya Satsangi

Corona Virus has quarantined the world today. The height of the peril of globalism is visible too. The Wuhan virus has temporarily debilitated the world economy including the world’s foremost economy.

The emotionless response of China is all that is visible. The actual story about the virus is not yet known to people. When the world actually will know the origin and the tools to spread this virus, it will almost be a rude shock to all. The culpability of the WHO (World Health Organization) cannot be ignored.

This international body has been politically influenced for the last 12+ years by China including its latest chief. It failed to communicate with the world the extent of Coronavirus’s impact within China when the first case was reported there. In the 2009 Swine flu pandemic also, WHO had failed to accurately assess the global impact. Political pressure by China on WHO to exclude Taiwan doesn’t go well with the democratic credentials of this UN body.

With most scientists predicting that the Covid19 pandemic won’t ebb with the onset of summer, we are looking at a widespread change in lifestyle across the world and particularly the USA.

Post CoronaVirus world might see an even more diminishing role of the UN. The UN has already lost its appeal to Americans. While the UN may see itself as a global watchdog or the utopian idea of One World government, Americans don’t see it as much.

If it is defunded by the US, UK, Japan, and India, then most of the programs of the UN might fail. Other than UNICEF, most of the other bodies of the UN haven’t achieved much for the world. That UN has already lost its relevance to a large extent.

The downfall of the UN has come from WHO’s alleged favoritism to China for some kind of quid-pro-quo. UNHCR’s constant nagging of the US and other large democratic states such as India, while ignoring the human rights situation in Islamic countries and China speaks of its corruption.

China has fueled some of that activism of the UN for its own political victories over Taiwan, Tibet, India, and the US. Most of the UN bodies that are based in Geneva have the most leftist agenda of all.

Post CoronaVirus will see Namaste in, shaking hands out. It is also going to bring in healthier liquid-based culinary habits with all vital spices from India. Already, social distancing has forced people to rethink their priorities in their lifestyle choices.

Remote working may become a permanent feature in all service-based economies. The stocks of popular American giants with remote working technologies are already trading higher. Many American Yoga studios have migrated to video classes which are new for most Americans. This industry is going to see a massive upswing. The schools have already moved to distance learning and that may become the new normal.

Most religious places have turned towards e-visits and remote services via online media channels. Life hasn’t stopped, but just evolved based on time, place and circumstances. The lifestyle change will also be necessitated because of a need to increase natural body immunity. Vaccinations may not be the only solution.

The biggest challenge for most Americans is not the impending short recession, but a kind of depression. Given the resilience of the American economy, we do not foresee any recession unless Covid19 returns in the fall or winter. Hopefully, by that time vaccines will be out to immunize most Americans.

Stress-related diseases are bound to rise in the US. The financial pressure on most of the vulnerable 30% of all Americans will also induce more mental & psychological challenges. The refugees who are living on grants and subsidies may also be forced to pick up work. The biggest change will come to the food industry, where takeouts will become the new normal.

Americans have got creative with electioneering too, with most campaigns doing eTownhalls.

The innovation of all Americans probably sees no hindrances. Campaigns are already preparing for the massive communication blitz as soon as the conditions become more controlled. Trump has already won the hearts of most Americans including democrats with his administration’s proactive response.

The daily briefing with the President himself addressing it has shown the seriousness his administration gave to protecting American’s health. Compare that to Obama’s response to the earlier Chinese pandemic, one can see a noticeable difference. That Bernie is out and Biden is the presumptive nominee of Democrats, it is going to be Trump2020 all the way.

Post-Corona world will see a drastic control by all governments on international travel. The US may include additional criteria on the visa applications from all nations. The visa-free facility coupled with medical certificates will definitely come up.

Most other countries will also follow the same. India has proved to be a dependable friend of the USA and hasn’t gone unnoticed by Americans in general. Yoga and 29 million doses of hydroxychloroquine have created a very positive image of India.

The fake news media campaign of US and Indian media has largely been ignored as a left noise by most Americans. The reemergence of an American Nationalist as a positive contributor to society will see less dependence on Chinese imports. The Kissinger doctrine had created Chinese economic might, and the new post Covid19 world may put brakes to it.

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