All You Need to Know About Selling on Amazon- INDIA  

All You Need to Know About Selling on Amazon- INDIA

Technology has been one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It has empowered the economy, businesses, education, and whatnot to overcome the barrier of distance. Today it is feasible to reach out to the entire world with the help of the internet and learn, deliver and grow as a community altogether.

Blessed with the internet, eCommerce export has become popular as one of the most promising businesses today. With the pandemic, came a massive shift in customers’ purchase patterns. Ecommerce in India is expected to reach $55 billion during 2021 with the addition of 40 million new online shoppers. The number of online shoppers is reportedly increased to 190 million compared to 150 million in the last year. This is a green flag to the fact that e-commerce businesses will continue to see a surge in numbers due to the convenience they come with.  

To facilitate all the big and small MSMEs across the world in unlocking the global marketplaces, Amazon Global selling is an e-commerce exports program. It helps you reach the millions of customers who are interested in your products/services on a global level.  

It has more than 200 million Prime members and more than 300 million customers overall globally. This affinity towards Amazon can be leveraged to expand your business into the 18+ international markets with the super easy process of registration. After all the buyers found it comfortable to search and find all the products on amazon and easily order, buy or return them, Amazon took an initiative to make a similar experience for the sellers as well.  

How Amazon Global Selling addresses the problems of Sellers? 

Problem1: There was a delayed or time-consuming product delivery 

Solution: Amazon Global selling program comes with Fulfillment by Amazon. This Amazon FBA allows storage of the packages as well as facilitates sellers with shipping services. Once a seller sends the shipment to the fulfillment center, Amazon takes the complete responsibility of delivering it to the customers in the minimum span of time. With Amazon, the seller gets access to millions of loyal customers who believe in the services of Amazon in over 180 countries. 

Problem 2: It’s complicated to manage the third-party services 

Solution: If you do not wish to put your focus on managing the shipping and delivery and handling the returns or managing the third parties in different countries to ensure the timely delivery of your products, then Amazon saves you from all these complexities. Just subscribe to the Amazon FBA services and then you can keep all your focus on expanding your business into new territories and sourcing/manufacturing more and more products for export. Amazon Global Selling has a record-breaking logistics solution that delivers global packages in 2 working days. 

Problem 3: It was difficult to deal with the international language barriers. 

Solution: Entering into foreign lands comes with a major issue that is knowing the native language of that country. Business cannot be smoothly operated until there is clarity between the dealers. To help sellers cope with this hurdle, Amazon provides 24*7 customer care services and mediates between booth the parties to allow a smooth export process.  

Problem 4: Unpredictable payment schedule  

Solution: Amazon Global Selling program facilitates currency-conversion solutions so as to make it easy for Indian sellers to receive their payments securely on time. As the package is delivered and the payment is collected, Amazon directly sends the amount after converting it into INR into the bank accounts of the sellers.  

Problem 5: Inventory Management issues 

Solution: It becomes a little tricky to keep an eye on all the orders after you expand your business globally. But it is very crucial to manage the packages correctly because if the wrong product gets delivered to the customer, it takes a toss on the brand’s image. Moreover, all the costs involved in shipping the package will go in vain, adding the overall costs. So, let the experts do the inventory management. You can fulfill or stock your products into the fulfillment centers and let Amazon manage and take care of those shipments until they reach safely to their owners.  

Problem 6: Ship freight and Air Freight costs 

Solution: Sellers also have to ship their products to the fulfillment centers in the US, which can also cause delays in the final delivery of the shipment to the customer, if not monitored carefully. Amazon Global Shipping has got them covered with this as well. Soon in India, sellers will only have to list their products on Amazon and forget about the rest.    

Problem 7: High initial business investments in maintaining storefronts  

Solution: If you wish to start your business today or expand your business in the minimum possible time, then there cannot be a better option than joining hands with the Amazon Global Selling Program. If you physically set up your business storefront in your target country and then you realize that it is not running as expected, it would burn a hole in your pockets. Therefore it is also a wise option to expand online first and if all goes really well, then you may even set your stores there.  Amazon Global Selling helps sellers showcase and deliver their products to global customers sitting at the comfort of their homes at a minimal fee amount.   

For sellers, this is not just an additional marketplace to tap a new audience, but it also allows them to find the unique usage and utility of their products in different countries. The existing sellers have found a whole new demand for their products and they get a huge exposure if they get to be a part of the international trade fairs. There are thousands whose lives we have touched and millions more to go. So, are you joining in today?