AMD to hold annual developer summit in California


AMDHOUSTON: The third annual developer summit of leading chip designer Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will be held in California to discuss market trends in next generation software and computing development.

“The third annual AMD Developer Summit will again bring together the top minds from the developer and computing communities into one event focused on the innovators and technologies that will make heterogeneous computing accessible to mainstream developers,” said Manju Hegde, corporate vice president, Heterogeneous Solutions at AMD.

The event will be held in San Jose in California from November 11-14.

“By bringing together academia, developers and the larger computing ecosystem, we continue to drive open and industry standards for widespread adoption by developers,” she said.

The major speakers from the company would include Lisa Su, senior Vice President and General Manager of Global Business Units and Mark Papermaster, senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

Other notable names including Nandini Ramani, Senior Director of Mediatek USA and David Helgason, Vice President of Development at Oracle Solutions will also speak at the event.

In February, AMD announced two new additions to the conference agenda including a much-requested gaming focus: the 2013 AMD Game Developer Summit.

This addition will showcase the latest Graphics Processing Unit and Accelerated Processing Unit technologies and their inclusion in the next-generation gaming platforms across mobile, tablet, personal computers and online. -PTI