Amit Shah likely to visit Dehradun on October 30

Amit Shah likely to visit Dehradun on October 30

DEHRADUN: Union Home Minister Amit Shah will visit Dehradun on October 30, Uttarakhand minister Dhansingh Rawat informed on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference, Rawat said, “On October 30, Amit Shah will launch the state government’s ambitious ‘Mukhyamantri Ghasiyari Kalyan Yojana’ at Bannu School in Dehradun.”
After this launch event, Shah will address the public meeting after releasing the departmental magazine ‘Sahakar Se Samridhi’ and will inaugurate the PACS computerization. The program of the Union Home Minister will be broadcast live in the branches of 670 Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) and 292 cooperative banks across the state.

“Instructions have been given to the officials of the district administration, police and cooperative departments regarding the preparations for the program of the Home Minister,” Rawat said.

Rawat added, “The objective of ‘Mukhyamantri Ghasiyari Kalyan Yojana’ is to eliminate the burden of more than three lakh rural women of the state living in mountainous regions. Under this scheme, packaged silage (safe green fodder) and complete mixed animal feed are to be provided at their homes.”

He said that in the first phase, the Chief Minister Ghasiyari Kalyan Yojana would be implemented in four hilly districts of Pauri, Rudraprayag, Almora and Champawat, after which the scheme would be started in other districts also.

Apart from this, Shah will release the departmental magazine ‘Sahakar Se Samridhi’ and will also duly inaugurate the PACS computerization. He said that all the PACS committees of the state have been completely computerized, which is a big achievement for the state government.

“Due to PACS computerization, work will be done smoothly in the committees, which will benefit the local beneficiaries,” the state minister said.

He said that after the program, the Union Home Minister will also attend a meeting of the State BJP Core Committee. (ANI)