Anurag always starts a movie ‘blindly’


MUMBAI: More than a decade and over a dozen films later, Anurag Kashyap’s filmmaking process remains the same – start a movie “blindly” and find it’s voice along the way being unsure of the outcome.
Kashyap says he has always tried to find his films in the process.
“I know a lot of filmmaker friends of mine who have figured their film out before they go to shoot. Shooting is execution for them. For me, shooting is the process of finding my film, my voice, articulating what I am trying to say,” Kashyap told PTI.

The director, who has helmed several award winning features like “Gangs of Wasseypur” series, “Gulaal”, “Dev D” says he always gets his films “only at the end of it.”
“I feel ‘oh, this is done! And then I move on. I always start blind. The only film that I haven’t started blind was ‘Bombay Velvet’. Everything was too prepared. First time I worked with an organized AD system and there were proper shoot hours,” he adds.
Working in a set up like this might make filmmakers constantly question if they’re getting it right, but the “Mukkabaaz” director says, there is no such fear.
“There’s no fear of not getting it right. It’s actually what drives us. It’s the fuel. The best filmmakers across the world are unsure of their films. Even after its release they think if they got it right or not. It’s only the filmmakers that I don’t look up to who are sure of their film,” he says.
Kashyap believes being a director is akin to being a batsman on a pitch who is required to hit every ball to the boundary.
“The idea is to get all the shots right. Every time, they throw a ball at you, you have to hit. Like ‘we don’t have budget’, you tackle it. ‘We can’t shoot at a particular location’, you hit it, or ‘an actor is not available’ you hit it again. You have to play every ball thrown at you.” PTI