Auto Strike

NEW DELHI: Auto and taxi unions in Delhi went on strike on Monday, demanding a hike in fare rates and slashing of CNG prices.

While there are concerns about travelling and commuting between places, there are remedies to this troubling problem.
Whether it is about heading to work from your home, visiting your favourite restaurant to grab a meal, or executing your pre-planned travel with your loved ones, here are some options that will help you to deal with the situation better.

1. Bus Services

Delhi’s well-equipped public transport service is the best possible mode of transport for most people travelling across all distances. The effective transport system will run with full efficiency despite the auto and taxi strike today.

2. Online transport services

Online transport services like Ola, Uber and Rapido are the primary substitutes for travelling in the absence of autos and taxis on roads in Delhi.

However, there might be a surge in cab fares as compared to the usual times. If you’re willing to roll out extra bucks, a cab ride would be the most comfortable way for you to travel. Apart from a hike in cab fares, there might also be availability issues depending on your region.

3. Metro

Metro services are a major source for commuting in Delhi. With the auto and taxi services on strike, the Metro’s rapid transit system serves as the most preferred option for the common traveller.

The metro routes and timings can be checked on the Delhi Metro website or app, as well as on Google Maps.

4. Bicycling

Another wise option for a health enthusiast would be the old-school use of bicycles. There’s something about rocking your nostalgia-filled bicycle on the roads on a summer evening.

Also, considering the ever-lasting problem of pollution in Delhi, hitting the roads on your bicycle for one day would rather help in an eco-friendly way.

5. Walking

If you’re travelling across short distances and are comfortable moving on foot, the idea of a pleasant walk on the road would appeal to you. Also, health enthusiasts would probably look for no other option than hitting the road on foot. (ANI)