Biplab Deb says Mughals intended to destroy cultural wonders of Tripura

AGARTALA: Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has said Mughals intended to destroy the cultural wonders of the state by “bombing” its arts and architectures. Addressing an event here on Sunday, Deb also urged people to use social media to promote the beauty and cultural heritage of the state. “Tripura has enough wonders still unknown to people…Mughals intended to destroy the culture of Tripura by bombing the arts and architectures,” he was quoted as saying in an official statement on Monday.

“The goddess of Matabari is so divine that even the tortoise walks up all the way to the temple before leaving its last breath. All these wonders deserve to get shared on social media, as many people don’t know about the wonders of Tripura,” he said. The chief minister has been riding waves of controversy soon after assuming office. In April last year, he had claimed that internet and satellite existed since the Mahabharata era.

He had also questioned the crowning of Diana Hayden as “Miss World” in 1997 and had alleged that international beauty pageants were a farce. Deb said his government has started a photo and video competition to promote tourism as the state has raw natural beauty. If everyone starts posting at least five tourist attractions and wonders in the state then the government may not need special advertisements, he said. PTI