Book Review: ‘The Living Mountain’ by the Amitav Ghosh

The Living Mountain by Amitav Ghosh

There are various books that are masterpieces that someone writes about nature and highlights the journey of the mountains because people feel the importance of nature and climate in hilly areas. They experienced the freshness of nature in these areas. But in today’s world, people badly exploit nature, which leads to environmental problems in the future. This will not be good for human beings to survive on the earth. So, the author Amitav Ghosh, wrote this book, The Living Mountain, to spread awareness among the people. The people should understand and put their efforts towards nature. Let us give you more information about the book.

Amitav Ghosh - The Living Mountain
Book Cover of Amitav Ghosh’s – The Living Mountain

Overview of the product, The Living Mountain

This book is like the re-issue additions available only in the English Language. This book comes with 160 pages weighing 113g with the required dimensions. It is ranked in the best sellers books with good ratings on this book available online.

Brief detail of the book story

The book The Living Mountain is written by an internationally renowned author named Amitav Ghosh. The book is the advisory story of how we regularly utilize nature, leading to future problems for us and our surroundings. The exploitation of nature leads to an environmental crash. It conveys the fantasy and the fiction about Mahaparbat, which was known as the living mountain, the original valley habitants who lived and flourished in its shelter. The aggression on the mountain for economic benefits by the Anthropoi, human beings whose only goal is to gather rewards of nature, and the calamity that spread as a result of it.

The story of the living mountain is relevant today when we are fighting the Covid-19 epidemic and faces many climate disasters and problems. This story highlights how the natural products will be short day by day and tries to make humans understand to have a good relationship with nature and try to sustain the natural products. This is a powerful book that is trying to get the readers’ attention and increase the sustainability of natural resources.

In this book, the author captivates the story of the complex relationships between human beings and nature. The book highlights the disaster that will occur by the over-exploitation of natural resources, so human beings must start saving nature and stop over-exploitation.

Review of the book, the living mountains

It is the best-selling book that gives an excellent reading on the nature and scenery in Britain. Most of the literature work in this book was done by the men writers, and all of them are focused on giving relevant information about nature to the readers. So that the readers read this book and realize how they exploit nature and how they should take initial steps to sustain it, this book resembles a masterpiece that gives brilliant work in support of nature. People have loved this book.


In this article, we tell you that the book The Living Mountain written for the album consists of pieces by various leading climates and Earth researchers. The editor of the album is the mentioned historian Julia Adeney Thomas. When I gave her the story, she sent me a written response: “I want it to educate in every school, appreciated in every publication, and spread worldwide. The readers are stunned and inspired by the affection of the book. 

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