‘Britain needs to look beyond Europe’ to combat China: India at Global Britain Center launch

Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies
Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies

LONDON: India’s top authority on Foreign Affairs at the launch of Global Britain Center, a UK think tank said that “Britain needs to look beyond Europe” to combat dangerous China threat.

Notably, The Global Britain Centre held its launch reception at the Carlton Club in London on Tuesday.
Guest speaker, Brahma Chellaney, Professor of Strategic Studies at the Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi, urged the UK to play a more assertive role to counter China’s dangerous “authoritarian capitalism”, said the centre in its press release.

Professor Chellaney said, “Britain needs to confidently step out on the Indo-Pacific stage to leverage its friends. Britain needs to build enhanced and diversified partnerships in the Indo-Pacific so as to play an expanded role in this vital region”, reported the think tank.

On the subject of China, Chellaney aired his concerns about Beijing’s brand of “authoritarian capitalism”, drawing attention to the tens of thousands of Chinese troops stationed on the border with India. He added, “China is too powerful to be denounced for its human rights abuses or even for its genocide in Xinjiang. This explains the muted international response to the Muslim gulags in China…with more than one million detainees.”.

The event was attended by a cross-party group of more than 30 MPs, and a dozen Ambassadors and High Commissioners’, said the press release. According to the press release, the centre’s mission is to assemble a coalition of global Britons to drive a positive vision of the United Kingdom engaging with the rest of the world.

The event also received a ringing endorsement from Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who sent his best wishes for the launch reception and expressed his support for the Global Britain Centre. (ANI) 

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