Build Power in your Muscles: Ayush Kumra


Hey again! Welcome to the day-11 of our 15 Days 15 Ways program. In today’s article, we’ll be talking about another new concept of building muscles i.e. Supersets. For those who are already aware of it, Great! But those who are hearing this term for the first time don’t worry, as it’s a very easy yet effective strategy.

Basically, a superset is the one in which you combine 1 set of two different exercises together with no rest in between.

In this way, you target different muscles altogether and the intensity of the exercises involved increases, as there’s no rest time period between the two sets. Now if you are wondering how would you be able to perform these with no rest time in between so let me tell you that you are allowed to take rest of 1-2 mins between two supersets, It’s only between the sets of a superset where you are not allowed to take rest.

Also, you need to keep in mind that the weight chosen by you should be optimum and the range of repetitions should be between 8-12.

The supersets have proved to be effective in building power in your muscles and increasing your strength gradually. For more details, you can check out my YouTube video and perform few of the exercises, which I have made over there for better understanding. Let me now in the comments section over there if you like it.

Till then, see you next time. Stay Safe & Stay Motivated.

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