Chidambaram left economy in a ‘shambles’, alleges Jaya

Chidambaram left economy in a 'shambles', alleges JayaKARAIKUDI (TN): AIADMK supremo and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa today charged Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram with leaving the country’s economy in a “shambles” and bringing it to the “brink of destruction”.

Launching a sharp attack against Chidambaram at his home turf, Jayalalithaa declined to accept his victory from Sivaganga Lok Sabha constituency in 2009, questioning him why he was not ready for a recount in the controversial poll where he defeated AIADMK candidate.

“Did Union Minister Chidambaram, elected from your (people) constituency do anything for you? No. Neither has he cared for you nor the country’s economy. His actions are also reason for the economy being in a shambles,” she said while addressing an election rally here.

The TN Chief Minister recalled that he had held the Finance portfolio from May 2004 to November 2008 and later allotted the same in August 2012.

“During his term the country’s growth rate has dipped, inflation has increased, value of Indian rupee against US dollar has dropped, exports have decreased and imports gone up. Overall Indian economy has gone to the brink of destruction,” she said while lambasting Chidambaram.

His achievements in the constituency were confined to inaugurating about 200 new bank branches, “which he boasts” and this alone would not mean growth.

The growth of various sectors like agriculture, industry and education was true growth, Jayalalithaa said while listing out her industrialization efforts for the backward South Tamil Nadu including setting up industrial parks and asked what steps Chidambaram had taken.

“He is an expert in cutting down on state’s financial resources and dumping expenditure on them besides burying democracy,” she said. . Jayalalithaa said AIADMK “will not accept” that Chidambaram had won the 2009 Lok Sabha polls from Sivaganga and recalled that her party candidate (Raja Kannappan) had sought recounting of votes.

“Why was that request rejected? Chidambaram could have faced it. What is there to fear if there is no guilt,” she said while mentioning a Tamil saying.

Her party later moved the court against his victory but the Finance Minister had sought for dismissal of the case due to ‘fear,’ she alleged, adding, it was dismissed.

As far as AIADMK was concerned, Chidambaram’s win was a forged one. Whether the court gives its verdict against him or not, the time is ripe for you to give your verdict against him,” she said while seeking for the defeat of Congress candidate and Chidambaram’s son Karti from Sivaganga LS seat.

He had fielded his son out of ‘fear of defeat’ and the electorate should ensure Karti did not get even deposit, she urged.

Refuting Chidambaram’s contention that her party was a “B Team” of BJP, she said it was a ‘separate team and the principle team’ which was engaged in ensuring the welfare of Tamils.

“All this talk of A team or B team will only suit Congress and its allies. Like IPL (Indian Premier League), Congress and its alliance parties are holding a political game. Congress is the owner of this game and DMK is a team bought by it,” she said.

She charged DMK with having no principles and like IPL players are auctioned, the party’s intentions were to bargain for posts after getting seats, she said.

But her party was not behind posts including the Prime Minister and was more inclined towards Tamils’ welfare, she said while asking the people to ‘teach a lesson’ to Chidambaram, Congress and DMK.–PTI

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