Comedian mocks Jindal, gives him a new slogan


NRA Convenes For Annual Meeting In IndianapolisWASHINGTON: Indian-origin comedian Aziz Ansari has mocked Bobby Jindal by unveiling a new slogan ‘Jindal 2016: Taste the Fat’ for him, in a reference to how the US presidential aspirant’s poll numbers had zoomed 100 times from 1 to 2 per cent.

Aziz parodied 44-year-old Jindal’s beliefs and campaign’s lack of success so far on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”.

Fallon interviewed the former “Parks and Recreation” star as the Louisiana governor, Washington Examiner reported.

Ansari’s Jindal explained why he’s still in the Republican presidential race when he’s been polling at just 1 per cent.

“I was polling at 1 per cent, I’m now polling at 2 per cent,” Ansari responded to Fallon.

“That’s a 100 per cent increase. It’s a huge difference.

You ever taste 1 per cent milk? It’s barely milk. It’s like drinking white water. But, man, when you start dumping that 2 per cent milk on your Apple Jacks, It’s like pow! You can taste the fat.”

He even presented a new campaign slogan for Jindal: “Taste the fat”.

Ansari’s impression also addressed Jindal’s take on science – as in he doesn’t seem to believe in it.

“There’s a lot of people running for president that buy in to these science myths,” he said.–PTI

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