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NEW DELHI: As coronavirus cases continue to rise in India, social distancing is the only way to fight this calamity. To drive home this point, some groups of people in outer Delhi are giving lessons on the importance of social distancing and creating awareness among various sections of society.

These groups of people with masks on their faces come out in their colonies every morning and evening, telling people about the danger of coronavirus and how to combat it. They plead with people to remain indoors and follow social distancing norms in every possible way.

In Vikaspuri, west Delhi, small groups comprising 4-5 people, come out every morning and evening and tell small shop owners not to open their outlets apart from telling residents about the bitter pill of lockdown to swallow as there is no alternative.

Most of these groups comprise men who are in government jobs and are off duty due to closure of offices. They ask people politely to go home the moment somebody is seen loitering.

Ramveer Singh, a retired government servant, told IANS, “To defeat coronavirus is our topmost priority at the moment as no government can contain this deadly disease without the support of the people. Most of us understand the importance of social distancing, but there are some irresponsible people who are out on the streets. Such people are a threat.”

IANS visited a number of colonies in Delhi to see first-hand how social distancing norms are followed.

In Rishal Garden, a resident Kartar Singh said: “If there is a single positive case in my society, all hell will break loose and the whole colony will be sealed. So, people should understand how important it is to maintain social distancing.”