Earthquake victims protest in Gilgit against Pak govt's apathy

GILGIT: A protest was held by earthquake victims in Gilgit against the Pakistan government’s apathy towards those affected in the Rondu valley.

Last year, in December, a massive earthquake took place in the Rondu valley, Gilgit-Baltistan, and again on March 16. More than 200 houses were destroyed and many people were injured in the natural disaster. Many people who lost their houses in the earthquake had to shift to tents.
One of the local leaders, during a press conference at the Gilgit Press Club, said that the Skardu-Gilgit road that connects the Rondu district to the rest of the region was also blocked due to landslides. He further said that irrigation channels were also destroyed which adversely affected the locals who depend on agriculture for their survival.

He said that despite several requests, the Pakistan government ignored their pleas and has not addressed their issues yet.

Protesters outside the Gilgit Press club said that the authorities visited them a number of times but have not taken any action thereby putting the lives of thousands of people in peril. They also said that the people of Gilgit Baltistan have always been at the receiving end due to the lackadaisical attitude of the government, which has deliberately ignored their issues.

Even during natural disasters, the authorities have shown an inability in providing immediate help and restore normalcy to the affected areas. (ANI)

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