Effective ways to fade acne scars

Effective ways to fade acne scars
Black Seed Oil
Get those antioxidants right.

Acne is troublesome and many tend to have it which eventually leads to self-consciousness. As per AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) acne scars are a sign/part of the healing process. After the acne is gone, the skin tries to correct the damage that’s been done by the blemish. By producing collagen, the skin starts healing.

But acne scars are also attention-grabbing so rather than having things like surgery or laser resurfacing, you can try the below-mentioned, less invasive, natural treatment options.

A skin doctor near me or the best skin doctor near me or a dermatologist near me (once you google) will surely suggest you one of these methods.

Black seed oil

It is known as Nigella Sativa and is native to Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East. It is a common medical plant with oil that can be purchased online. A dermatologist near me (when you surf) would recommend keeping black seed oil in your house since, in addition to antibacterial and antiviral qualities, the oil is also renowned for its anti-inflammation capabilities. However, decreasing inflammation isn’t the only way to help with scar reduction.

Studies have shown it could speed up as well as improve wound healing along with the benefit of evening out pigmentation or even prevent scar acne.

Roseship Seed Oil
Make your skin clearer and brighter!

Rosehip seed oil

Marketed mostly as a solution for aging, it is widely available and could be applied directly to your skin. A study has also indicated that it can be used for scars.

Though it was only specific to surgical scars, the oil can be used for reducing acne scars as well. Reduction in the appearance of scars and discoloration was seen by researchers after applying it twice daily. Consult a dermatologist near me or you to know the right dosage of rosehip seed oil.

Sweetness to glow your skin.


Be it burns, wounds, or herpes, having honey by your side means having immediate wound healing or reducing the potential of scarring. The added advantage is that you don’t even need to go to a drugstore to purchase this remedy.

In your schedule, when you are busy surfing for skin doctors near me or the best skin doctors near me might as well search for the benefits you would acquire from honey as it is known for its benefit in varied ways- for its numerous medicinal properties.

Since research shows applying honey can help in wound cleaning, wound cleaning, and fight infections which would otherwise cause more acne to appear, because of its antibacterial properties, it is a must to have a product in your home.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Aloe, radiance!

Like honey, this home remedy is common, giving aid to reduce the severity of having acne and to the healing process. Annals of plastic surgery suggest how applying aloe vera directly to wounds helps in reducing inflammation and scar tissue size.

You can find products related to aloe vera in a drugstore or you could also grow the plant yourself. Cut a leaf of it and apply the sticky gel directly to your skin but there are different kinds of aloe vera available and if you don’t know which type of aloe vera gel or cream or face wash you are using, better consult a skin doctor near you. You can find a suitable and affordable product.


There is no significant research that proves lemon juice is effective at getting rid of your acne scars. However, anecdotal evidence is ample where many suggest it reduces discoloration and even out your skin tone since it is acidic. Just a few drops directly to your skin are enough.

Truly there have been few natural remedies that are proven to be effective for acne scars. However, expensive creams and lotions- whose effects are equally unproven- there are added benefits to go natural, namely less expense and few if any side effects. There is no harm in trying.

Citrus for your good skin!

Your first try with natural ones could show you the effectiveness of its properties. If they haven’t given you the desired results, your dermatologist stands to be the best solution.