Electric Scooters: Everything you need to know about !

Have you ever felt crazy for buying electric scooters for adults?
There is a wide range of scooters now available across the globe. These are good when you want them to cover short distance or just for roaming across the town when you don’t feel like walking or it seems to be a long distance to walk.
Electric scooters come up with robust construction to serve you for years.

Listing the Top 4 electric scooters for adults:

  1. Swagger High-Speed Adult Electric Scooter:Swagger High-Speed Adult Electric Scooter

No matter if you are looking to move around the neighborhood or campus, this powerful electric scooter would provide you with high-quality experience. Constructed with a 250-watt power motor providing you with a speed of 15 mph max. This scooter comes with a 3800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery which provides the power for 15 miles in just one charge.


  • Dual brake system
  • Crystal clear Liquid Crystal Display(LCD): shows up the speed, distance and the battery life left to avoid any type of surprises.
  1. Ashang, S6

This E-scooter comes with proper maintenance for an anti-lock to make sure there is complete safety while driving. The military grade wheels support around 120 kg, having a slope less than 15 degrees providing a smooth ride. It also allows you to select a speed of 8/16/27 km/hr. Accordingly, the scooter comes up with a Samsung 18650 Batteries which provides  enough power for the distance of around 50 Kms.


  • The Ashang company provides free replacement of body parts for three months.
  1. Gotrax:

This electric scooter for adults is made for those interested in the speed aspects. Gotrax provides speed of 18 miles per hour, having a powerful 250W motor propels, also having a good readability display screen which helps rider to track the speed and battery on the front.Gotrax


  • Long life battery power
  • Portable Scooter.
  1. Enjoybot: A foldable scooter

A Light weight Electric scooter weighing around 15 lbs, is now available in the market. Enjoybot folds down to make it easy to store and transport.

It has been Equipped with rubber tires providing an excellent grip to keep you safe. Although, the higher capacity battery means that you now enjoy the fun for a longer period of time. The control panel available on the front of the steering allows you to monitor its remaining time, battery life and speed as well.


  • The max load capacity : 220 lbs.
  • Ultra-light Carbon frame for maximum durability.

All these and so much more, are what you get to sign up for once you decide to go for these various electric scooters.
Select one of these to boost up your quality of living, It’s time to get your game up and choose a dashing electric scooter for yourself !

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