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Social media has been invaded by fake stories against Hinduism or Hindutva fascism in the US. Strong words against Hindutva fascism have been written by the Islamic Society of New Jersey and other allied Islamic ecosystems have spread it far and wide. Fascism is defined as an authoritarian, and nationalistic right-wing system of government and administration. The term right-wing was invented during the French Revolution to designate pro-monarchy and conservative groups.

Today all nationalistic groups are classified as right-wing by left-wing media. However, this term does not apply to Hindus because Hindus are the natives of India. Also, India is a successful democracy. Why is this accusation being made against India?

We have to understand the deep insecurity of most of the American Muslim organizations against Hindus and Hindutva. Hinduism and Hindutva cannot be hyphenated because they literally mean the same. Their deep insecurity comes from the fact that a resurgent India comes in the path of global Islamic right-wing politics and fascist Ideas. Islamic politics is by nature right-wing and extremist because they go against the nation-state values of modern democratic states.

Islamic political ideology will continue to fight against democratic societies through left-wing media because it is an easy target given their reach. They want to create a guilt consciousness in white Christian politically correct American citizens to gain their sympathy.

They have partially succeeded in Canada and they want to do the same in the US. Little do people understand in the US that Islam itself is a right-wing ideology in that they support Islamic supremacy and conservative Islamic values and Sharia law. Left-wing theories of classless and hierarchy-less societies are very carefully usurped by Islamic bodies to strike at the root of American democracy. The fight in the US is for Islamic supremacy and nothing else.

The biggest group that is coming in the way of these Muslim groups are Indian-Americans, American nationalists, conservative Christians and Republicans.

This all started when Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to install Hillary Clinton as his succeeding presidency failed. The 2016 loss of Hillary was converted into a hate Trump movement which has become a hate American nationalist movement.

The issues on which the Islamic parties are piggybacking on Democrats are

  • Social justice for Muslims
  • Islamic values in every sphere of American life
  • Islamic education In every campus
  • Ultimately an Islamic Sharia administration in the USA
  • Muslim victimhood and Islamophobia campaigns
  • Race relations
  • Women of color
  • Rights of natives

Anyone who opposes them is branded as Nazi, fascist and undemocratic. To achieve their objectives, they have created more than 700 different organizations, some more effective than others, but all working in tandem through their mosques. Media, Muslim politicians and left-wing politicians are working in tandem. There are more than 15,000 social media handles that coordinate together to achieve their Islamic goals.

It’s important for the State Department to know them and their objectives. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) must also be on the lookout for these sleeper cells which can create law enforcement challenges for the Trump administration. These groups are misusing religious liberty assured by the US to destroy the very system that is maintaining them. They consider all democratic societies to be foolish because for them Americans are allowing them to invade Americans. They don’t have gratitude to the US or the people who gave them refuge. Political correctness is considered an American weakness.


Social justice: In the US, the strict rule of law provides equal opportunity to all citizens. Muslims cannot and should not claim more benefits than others.

Racial parity: The strong justice system in the US provides equal opportunities for Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Asians.

Muslim victimhood: In every situation across the world, Muslims are found to be aggressors be it Myanmar, Thailand, Kashmir and in 57 Islamic countries. More Muslims are killed by Muslims across the world. Non-Muslims should not be blamed for being defenders. Wherever Muslims are victorious, Muslim victimhood is not discussed. This selective use of the term Muslim victimhood is just propaganda devoid of facts.

Islamophobia: this campaign is directed at left-wing media and politicians to make them guilt-ridden. In the US, Islamophobia doesn’t exist, otherwise so many Christian organizations wouldn’t have fought to welcome Muslim refugees in Minnesota, California and Michigan. Muslim attorneys are using American laws to silence American free speech.

Women of color: Many Islamic politicians have made this a campaign to sympathize with women of color to infiltrate Islamic dress codes of Hijab also as an issue. There has been a very clever move to bring Islamic dress code into play. The main objective is to familiarize Americans with Islamic Sharia values. Muslim right-wing attorneys are on the lookout for any cases that they can fight. They are using American laws to silence Americans.

Rights of natives: In all 57 Islamic countries, all rights of natives are usurped by the invading Sharia laws. Islamists fighting for the rights of natives in the US while usurping them in Pakistan, and other Islamic countries has been exposed in the US.

Hindu Americans must carefully monitor some social media handles that directly oppose Hinduism, Hindutva, Hindu Americans and the Indian government in the US. These social media handles work in tandem to rage Islamic Jihad against Hindus globally. Some of the politicians, media and Muslim organizations working in tandem are the following:

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