Fitter & leaner


Films, fitness and food — are the three things actor Rakul Preet swears by. As a part of the preparations for her next yet-untitled film with Ajay Devgn, the actor has opted for a fitter and leaner look by losing almost nine kilos. To get into shape, is being trained by the man who was responsible for transforming Rana Daggubati for ‘Baahubali’. She says, “My character in Ajay’s film needed to look a certain way. I can’t talk much about the role yet but I was given a few look references which certainly required me to look fitter.”

With just 45-50 days to achieve her target, the actress says she endured the tough task with determination. She reveals, “I think the right workout with the right people helps a lot. I was training for almost four hours every day and I knew I had to supplement my workouts so that my nutrition levels don’t go down. Fitness is a way of life. A fit and healthy body leads to a healthy and happy mind. Working out is my stress buster whether I am happy, stressed or sad.”