Online casino in India is legal unlike most of the European countries. It has been close to half a decade, remarkable improvements have taken place, in order to streamline the regulatory and operational aspects of the game in the internet space. In the present context, we can say that playing casino online in India is safe, authentic and fun. While we are approaching towards the end of this year, let us run down through some of the biggest trends followed by visitors checking out online casino india sites in 2019. 

The Growth Story:

The year 2019 has seen tremendous growth of online casino due to a variety of reasons. When we call online, we often mean it a traditional desktop or laptop. However, the matter of the fact is that almost 62% of the players play on their smartphones, who access to hundreds of online casino platforms in India on their smartphones. Smartphones not only give an online platform, but they also offer flexibility, mobility and accessibility to play anywhere anytime. Coupled with the benefits of low-priced data rates, the fun has doubled as more and more players are able to connect without going for a big investment in terms of device and technology.

The Popularity of Live Casino

Online live casino is the biggest trend of the time in India. One can find a number of online casinos, offering top real money casino games like slots, blackjack and roulette. Other benefits like the best casino bonuses and payout rates have increased the fun and excitement among the players. The reasons that these offer easy, fast deposits and withdrawals in Indian Rupee, high-end security features in a safe casino environment and 24/7 dedicated customer service targeted to customers speaking native and regional languages. For all these reasons, it has been observed that players often go to websites that feature live dealer games in 2019.

Inclusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the game

This year a solid base for the inclusion of AI in the online casino is seen. This trend will, no doubt continue to develop during the next year also. Online casinos will switch to multilingual platforms more and more so as to increase the flow of players, rather than just limiting to English or Hindi. The platforms will focus on more self-propelled actions by the players than depending on command/instruction based moves. The influence of artificial intelligence on online gambling is largely aiming at reaching more and more audiences especially, young people, managing the smart data, cheating prevention, identifying gambling addicts, offering better customer service and exploring future prospects

Blockchain in online gambling

Gambling operators are actively using blockchain technology in online casinos, allowing their customers to pay with cryptocurrency. This is a step towards ensuring that operations are transparent. This year’s trend shows that one can pay Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin in roulette and poker directly. In the coming year, products that are based on blockchain will focus on slots. Amid various speculation about cryptocurrency, the number of online gambling projects in India raising funds through Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has increased. This has opened up the door for new companies to compete with the main operators. This is also becoming popular and attractive among the players as they can buy tokens of a gambling platform, they get a number of advantages such as using the crypto as a domestic currency. They can also make money on selling the assets if they grow in value.