Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri celebrations by Indian Seniors

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: The Meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago was held on Sunday 11 September 2022 at Manav Seva Mandir Hallin Bensenville, a Chicago suburb with over 190 members attending. The meeting was conducted by Advisory Committee Member Professor Sharadbhai Shah.

Bhupendra Suthar, Geetha Suthar, Jayshree Patel and Daksha Parikh sang GaneshaStuti and Sarvadharma prayers in the beginning. Then all the members recited mass Hanuman Chalisa. Treasurer of the organization CV Desai presented the income and expenditure account for the month of August and announced the names of the persons who donated to the organization.

OZA 1Bipinbhai Shah, member of the Executive Committee, talked about Ganesh Chaturthi saying that LordGanesha, son of Shiva-Parvati and brother of Kartikeya, was born on Bhadrava Sud-4. The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with pomp in various states of India, including Maharashtra, Goa, from Bhadrava Sud-4 to 14. He said that Ganesha is the first God to be w0rshi9ped.  He described various incarnations of Lord Ganesha.

Bhupendra Suthar conducted the birthday program. Special guest Greeting cards were given by C. V. Desai. All the members sang ‘Bar Baar Din Aye aye” Happy Birthday to You’ song in the group and wished them well. Photographs were taken on the occasion.

The entertainment program started thereafter It was managed by Hirabhai Patel and Sharadbhai Shah. Arvind Modi, Veena Mayani, Mayurika Parikh, Rita Gandhi, Bharat Gandhi, Dipesh Modi, Rohini Dekhtawala, Sharad Shah, Bhadra Shah andRanji Bharucha performed film songs and bhajans were rendered in beautiful tones.

Shri Ganesha Utsav was organized and managed by Bhupendra Suthar, Shri Kantibhai Patel and Bipin Shah. 20 boys enthusiastically participated in the procession of Shri Ganesha along with Dandiya Ras. Jai Ganesh slogans were chanted during the procession. All the members greeted the procession. Aarti was performed to worship Lord Ganesha. GaneshaStuti was also sung. All the members greeted the procession. Aarti was performed to worship Lord Ganesha. GaneshaStuti was also performed

Mrs. Hasumati Ben Patel was entrusted with the responsibility of celebrating the Navratri festival. They beautifully decorated the image of Mataji, and decorated with colorful flowers and fruits. Many members participated in Adayashakti Aarti and Mataji’s Aarti. Bhadra Ben Shah sang the praises of Mataji in a beautiful raga.

Rasikbhai Saheb presented his views on religion based on science. Darshan went on to explain that God is k, and gave an understanding of how the universe evolved.

The President of the organization Dr. Narsinghbhai Patel gave detailed information about the Garba organized for the benefit of Umiya Mataji’s temple. Kinjal appealed to the members to support Dave’s garba program. He was also invited to watch the film Conversion on 25 September 2002  at Manav Seva Mandir. Narsinghbhai Patel thanked the artists and all the members who participated in the program.

 At the end a prayer was offered and the members parted after enjoying a delicious meal.