Govt slams Cong for creating ruckus in Parliament

Govt slams Cong for creating ruckus in ParliamentNEW DELHI: Government today attacked Congress for creating uproar in Parliament, saying such behavior would “boomerang” on it and that the party should reconcile to its defeat and play a constructive role.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu also disapproved of the allegations leveled by the Opposition against the Speaker, saying such actions were only “pressure tactics”.

“I don’t want to take any names but as a Parliamentary Affairs Minister, the way the major opposition party is behaving in Parliament, I am pained by it,” he told reporters outside Parliament.

Congress along with other opposition parties created uproar in Lok Sabha today while demanding urgent discussion on the communal situation in the country.

Naidu said when Parliament is functioning, it is wrong not to allow the House to function, seeking an adjournment.

“More than 450 members want to ask questions, they are eagerly waiting for an opportunity and have done their homework. Ministers are also willing to give answers. You (opposition) don’t allow them. You obstruct them and then call us dictatorial,” the Minister said.

“And you use all names against the Prime Minister…You say the Prime Minister ran away. The Prime Minister was sitting all the time. You did not have the patience to ask questions. After this situation, when the PM did not want to see this situation, he has got work and went away…Then also taking PM’s name and trying to provoke ruling members so that something happens, this is not good,” he said.

Naidu said the people have given a massive mandate for the government and Congress should come to terms with it.

“Please understand the reality of the situation. Please reconcile, to the defeat, be constructive. And then take every opportunity. Let us join together and discuss people’s issues, this is my appeal to the Congress,” he said.

He also termed any allegation directed at the Speaker as “unfair pressure tactic”.

“It is not fair to make allegations against the Speaker, I feel these are all pressure tactics. Please don’t adopt pressure tactics against the Speaker. Speaker is the presiding officer of the House,” Naidu said, adding the attitude of the Congress would “boomerang” on the party. .
The Parliamentary Affairs Minister said an adjournment motion is given if something all of a sudden happens and if it is very serious in nature.

“You give a motion for adjournment and it will be decided by the Speaker. The Speaker said ‘I am not allowing the adjournment motion’ but still the Congress which is supposed to be the senior party according to them, and which has been in power for 50 years and continuously in the last ten years protested.

“And if they obstruct the House, what will happen to Parliament, what will happen to democracy. They should introspect on this,” he said.

The Congress Vice President had entered the Well for first time to join his party members in demanding an adjournment motion on the communal violence issue which was opposed by the government.–PTI