‘Grandpa’ lists ‘Indian Origins of Ancient Civilizations’

web6The well-known columnist, author and speaker Mr Niranjan Shah has come out with a new book titled “Indian Origins of Ancient Civilizations”. For several years Mr Shah, has been known to his readers as ‘Grandpa’ who dispensed forgotten history of India through his popular weekly column ‘A letter From Grandpa’ which appeared in “India Tribune” newspaper. This book is a sort of crystallization of those columns and reflects his pain sticking research and hard work.

There is bibliography of 120 books and articles from around the world for this slim book of only 140 pages. In the book, this scholar of Vedantic studies and pre-Christian era, has extensively drawn on these sources to prove his various points. In all honesty, I do take exception to the fact that, at times, the book appears to be a collection of Quotations.
Mr. Shah, a practicing engineer of several decades, has used his analytical mind to weave different references, rather than his own narration, to avoid any conflict I guess, to stack before us insurmountable evidence of ‘Indian Origins of World Civilizations’. There is wealth of information in this book, which will make any Indian proud of their scientifically based and technologically advanced ancient past.
The book spells out how Egyptians, Sumerians, Greek, Chinese, and Americans, among others have sprouted out of Indian cradle. There is lot more to ‘History of India and its Civilization’ than what is dished out by some dogmatic, biased western academicians in the name of ‘World History’ where everything, began more or less with them and their advances.
This book has been printed in bigger-than-average letter size for the benefit of all ages. The language is fluid and simple to understand, in spite of its complex subject. This book can be recommended to any one, and especially to our second generation, who wants to know India’s real heritage. Padmashri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Swami Viditatmanand of ‘Arsh Vidya Gurukulam’ and Goswami Indirabetiji have all lent their hand recently in releasing this book.
NY State Senator Thomas Libous, last month, presented a special ‘Proclamation’ honoring Mr. Niranjan Shah for this ‘historic’ book.

Prakash Waghmare

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