Guinness World Record holder rues ‘indifference’ by Raj govt

Guinness World Record holder rues 'indifference' by Raj govtKOTA:  A 21-year-old youth, who earned laurels after setting a world record by memorizing 70,000 post decimal digits of Pi in 9 hours 27 minutes, is greatly “disappointed” at not being recognized by the centre or Rajasthan government.

Rajveer Meena, a tech degree holder and a native of Mohocha village in Swaimodhopur district of Rajasthan, was awarded with the Guinness World Record for memory on October 1.

“It would certainly have encouraged a student like me, who is from the rural belt and studied in the Hindi medium if the government had appreciated my achievement” he told PTI here yesterday.

Meena said that he had to struggle hard and suffer from inferiority complex but these drawbacks later became his strength and assets.

However, the youth expressed disappointment over the “cold attitude” of the government.

“The government’s cold attitude towards such achievements and success would certainly discourage the students and youngsters,” he rued.

The youth claimed that he was facilitated only by Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in an event for Guinness World Record on March 21, 2015.

Meena also slammed private coaching institutes of Kota where he had earlier studied, for displaying “cold attitude to the achievements of their former students”.

“Everybody has an equal capacity of memorizing, one needs absence of negativity and loads of positive attitude to master the skill” he claimed.

He said that he was a dull student in school but later improved himself through memory enhancement skills.

Born on March 1, 1989, Meena stated that he can memorize thousands of digits by sequencing them into an episode or transforming them into an object.

He now plans to go for research work on a memory enhancement project.

The Guinness World Record for memory was earlier held by Lu Chao, a Chinese national who recited the post decimal values of Pi up to 67,890 digits in 24 hours and 7 minutes in 2005.–PTI

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