Hrithik salutes women

lNRLMDcNEW DELHI: One of India’s first homegrown fitness brand, co-owned by heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment, celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting a fitness session at Cult in Mumbai.

“This women’s day we at HRX celebrate these Super 30 women, their beauty and their individuality by showing them the path to fitness and great Health. They are the flag bearers of this great initiative of educating children and we are happy to empower them to become the best version of themselves,” feels Hrithik.

The brand thrives on helping people to be their fittest and best versions of themselves and to this turn, associated with the women of Angel Xpress Foundation to improve and identify their fitness capabilities. This will act as a catalyst to their teaching and leadership skills. The objective is to boost their motivational abilities and work on their mind and body, which will enable them to focus on shaping their future.

Angel Xpress Foundation expresses their appreciation adding, “Angel Xpress over the years has been striving not just to enable volunteerism but also to significantly upskill volunteers and bring to them various opportunities both for their growth and enjoyment. The gift of this session at cult fit achieves both our goals, we are grateful to HRX for this gift and for recognizing the contribution of women in Mumbai are choosing to make through the AXF cause.”

With this initiative, HRX aims to commemorate the inspiring role of women around the world, highlighting how fitness can elevate their strength in achieving their dreams. IANS