India to be the biggest market for IT services


Washington: According to a leading IT expert, India will soon be emerging as one of the biggest market, not only for IT services, but also for hardware products.

Keshav Murugesh, the Global CEO of WNS said, “All the steps that the Indian government is taking, whether it is around the whole digital journey across government and other sectors, whether it is around what they’re doing in each individual states, as well is what theyre doing around the new BPM policy.”

“And over a period of time will deliver the kind of impact that is expected from the market, because over a period of time India will be one of the biggest markets for IT services, as well as in the longer-term, hardware,” the 53 year old said.

While responding to a question, he said “I think for India these are all early steps, and it depends on the scope, scale, and potential of India, it will be a huge market, and that doesnt mean that China does not have to be a big market either,”

“In fact, during 2017 when all this negative rhetoric was being seen, India actually created 170,000 additional jobs in the sector. I think all of that messaging has really, really helped, because the way industry and the government have worked together to allay the fears of both employees as well as getting support of and clients has been phenomenal.”

“While all of this is happening obviously there is this huge investment that is taking place in all of these other areas are driven by the IT minister and the Prime Minister,” he added. -PTI

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