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ABU DHABI: Ramadan, a day is usually all about worship and family time, but for one Indian expat here, lending a helping hand to those affected by the coronavirus is a fulfilling part of the routine. Shereef K.V is a mechanical engineer by profession but a social worker at heart. He lives with his wife and three children at Hamdan Street here.

During Ramadan, the 50-year-old Indian expat and his family spend most of their free time together at home. They read the Holy Quran, pray, and listen to religious lectures on TV and audio messages, Khaleej Times reported. “We do most of the religious activities in groups during Ramadan. But with the current COVID-19 restrictions, there is no chance to perform congregational prayers at mosques,” said Shereef.

Being an active social worker, Shereef said that even when he’s fasting, he finds time to go out and lend a helping hand to those who need it most. “We help people affected by Covid-19 under the Kerala Samskarika Vedy Abu Dhabi community group,” he said.

“We provide support to Covid patients, people under quarantine, pregnant women, workers who have lost jobs and those on visit visas and were stranded in the UAE. We give them medicines, food packages and provide them with counselling and guidance services.” They also guide workers when they need to go to covid testing centres.

Shereef said that although his family is observing Ramadan well, they are missing a lot of traditions this year. “With the restriction on social gatherings, we can’t get together with our loved ones and friends especially on Iftar meals. Also, we can’t share food with neighbours and we limit our shopping to particular areas,” said Shereef.