Indo-American Democratic Orgn endorses candidates for polls

Raja Krishnamoorthi
Raja Krishnamoorthi

WASHINGTON: The Illinois-based Indo-American Democratic Organization (IADO) has made dozens of endorsements for local, state and federal races in the state, with a number of community members among those endorsed.

“It shows that elected officials and candidates understand they need to engage and receive the support of one of the fastest-growing communities in the Midwest,” the India-West quoted Susan Patel, IADO’s board president, as saying.

“The response has been overwhelmingly and IADO is proud to build this coalition of both elected officials and candidates who will work with us when it comes to the progressive interests and values of Illinois’ over 290,000 South Asian Americans.”

IADO opened its application process this past January and reviewed every endorsement questionnaire submitted and completed in February.

Among the endorsements included Raja Krishnamoorthi in his re-election bid for the 8th Congressional District seat; Kevin Olickal for the Illinois state House 16th District seat; Syamala Krishnamsetty for the Illinois state House 40th District seat; Paras Parekh for Lake County Board Commissioner’s 12th District seat; and Aileen Bhandari for the Cook County Circuit Court judge seat.

“We asked every candidate who sought our endorsement specific questions on how they’ll engage and support South Asian Americans,” India-West quoted Dilara Sayeed, an IADO board member and 2020 endorsement committee member, as saying.

“And we endorsed those candidates who gave us detailed plans with a progressive agenda for our community.”

Established in 1980, IADO is the oldest South Asian American political action committee in the US. IANS