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ROME: A further 78 COVID-19 patients have died in Italy, bringing the country’s toll to 32,955, out of total infection cases of 230,555.  Nationwide, the number of active infections dropped by 2,358 to 52,942 cases, according to the Civil Protection Department on Tuesday, Xinhua reported.

Of those who tested positive for the new coronavirus, 521 are in intensive care, 20 fewer compared to Monday, and 7,917 are hospitalized with symptoms, a decrease of 268 patients compared to Monday. The rest 44,504 people, or about 84 percent of those who tested positive, are quarantined at home with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.

Recoveries rose by 2,677 compared to Monday, bringing the nationwide total to 144,658. The overall number of COVID-19 infections, fatalities and recoveries has risen to 230,555 cases over the past 24 hours from 230,158 cases by Monday.