Japan’s tourism regaining momentum

Japan's tourism

TOKYO: Japan is a popular tourist destination around the world. Beautiful picturesque sceneries and architectural wonders such as Mt. Fuji and Kyoto are visited by many tourists from around the world.

Last October, the Japanese Government decided to promote travel to domestic travel and ease the entry of foreign tourists.
The tourism business in Japan is picking up pace in 2023. In the new year 2023, is crowded with tourists in Tokyo flocking to the Imperial Palace, Tokyo Station made of bricks, and the Sky tree of the 634-meter-high observation tower. These are popular spots for tourists in Tokyo.

“It’s incredible, Tokyo is an incredible city. It’s much bigger than what I’m used to back home. But the people are very friendly and very welcoming. People here are very safe with their masks and take a lot of very good precautions. And I feel perfectly safe here,” a tourist from Canada said.

In another statement, a tourist from Thailand stated, “This is the first time I came to the ski resort “Kiroro resort.” And I feel like really cold. And many people are skiing.”

“I like Japan very mush. I like people, like culture, like everything. I feel happy in Japan,” the tourist added. The downtown area of Tokyo is called “Ginza”. There are luxury brand stores and large department stores.  The pedestrian paradise event, which had been cancelled in Covid-19, resumed last year. During the weekend and national holidays, the road is open for visitors.

“After COVID, it’s getting better. I just came back to Japan to go shopping and eat good food. I mean, I love sushi and shabushabu and everything. So I just came back to visit Japan again. That’s my purpose to visit. I feel great. Everything is getting back to normal. I love seeing people walking on the street. A lot of people are on the street now. So, it’s good to be back here,” the tourist from Thailand added.

Notably, the worldwide tourism industry in Japan is energized by the rebound in inbound travel.

“We arrived at Osaka and then we went to Kyoto for one day and then we spent the rest of our day in Tokyo. I really like Japan because the food is great and also the country is really great and the technology. Here is very good,” a tourist from Indonesia said regarding tourism in Japan. (ANI)

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