Jennifer Aniston: Rachel, Ross are still on a break

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, who recently surprised netizens by making her Instagram debut, is actively using the photo sharing application. From posting pictures to responding to fan comments, the “Friends” fame actress is aggressively engaging on the social media platform.

Seeing Jennifer on Instagram, fans of the sitcom star have been celebrating her stepping into social media. Celebrity admirers who have welcomed Jennifer include former “Bachelorette” star Kaitlyn Bristowe, who asked the 50-year-old in the comments section: ‘Are you and Ross still together?’

Responding to it, Jennifer used the show’s popular catchphrase: “We’re on a break”. Kaitlyn shared their exchange on her own Instagram with the caption: “The one where I s**t my pants.”

It was a reference to the season three episode “The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break”, where Rachel (Jennifer) asks if they should pause their relationship for a bit, following a row, reports Ross (David Schwimmer) sleeps with a girl soon after and when Rachel finds out, they split up. However, Ross’s justification for his actions is that they were ‘on a break’ at the time, sparking a debate that lasted for the entire series and beyond. IANS