Jindal Nature Cure set for global recognition

Jindal Nature Cure Institute in Bangalore
Jindal Nature Cure Institute in Bangalore

BANGALORE: Going back to nature has become a global craze with the interest mostly confining right now to a diet change and getting more organic, but the day is not far off when this craze percolates to the health care field and people start commending nature cure for overcoming their ailments.

A Bangalore India based nature cure facility with over three decades of standing and already treating over hundreds of thousands of patients from all walks of life, including many from abroad, Jindal Nature Cure Institute has already carved out a name and fame as one of the most premiere institutes in this field globally.

Spread over 100 acres in lush green land with most scenic look, the Institute has enamored many – Sheikhs from Arab world, businessmen from Europe, millionaires from USA and not to talk about sports and Bollywood celebrities, and stressed out businessmen and politicians – who come to the facility for a cure and at times for rejuvenation. A Sheikh from Arab world with periodic visits was tempted to ask the management to open a similar institute in his part of the Middle East with offers of land and money.

A similar offer was also made by a European visitor and a millionaire NRI from New York, but as put by BD Garg, Vice President and chief officer at the Institute, “We have no plans to go abroad as we would rather concentrate on giving our best here itself.”

Started as ‘The Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences’ in 1978, JNI today is a modern-day, specialty charitable naturopathy hospital in an eco friendly atmosphere. Run by Sitaram Jindal Foundation (a Charitable Trust), it provides treatments for relief, prevention and cure of specific diseases through a non-invasive, drugless therapy which combines Indian nature cure with yoga and other drugless regimens, namely, diet therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and Vega therapy (Germany).

The Institute accepts, encourages and provides diagnosis only through scientific methods with modern medical equipments. “But there is no drug involved, even herbal. We believe in nature and are convinced that going back to nature would lead not only to a cure but permanent relief,” said BD Garg in a talk with this paper.

JNI is not merely a hospital that helps to prevent and cure the specific diseases but it also helps one to learn and imbibe a new way of life that will turn out to be a lifelong companion, enhancing the quality of your physical, mental and spiritual existence, even long after leaving this abode of health and well-being, said Garg.

Nature cure is primarily based on three principles: The body possesses the power to heal itself through its internal vitality and intelligence; disease is a manifestation of vital force applying itself to the removal of obstructions to the normal functioning of organs and tissues; cures should take a holistic approach to health. By integrating these principles, naturopathy seeks to stimulate the body’s inherent power to restore itself to health with the help of the five natural elements – earth, air, fire, ether and water.

The element Earth stands for the solid structure in the body like bones. Water is the representative of fluids, like blood, lymph, etc. Air represents the breath of life, fire symbolizes the vitality and sky personifies the reflection of the human spirit – Soul – the unseen aspect of the human entity.
The unbridled growth of industrialization, accelerated by science and technology, has created a fast paced social condition which has given rise to potentially harmful lifestyle remote from natural, healthy way of living. Naturecure therapy believes that health is a condition built over the years from within by our own vital processes through conscientious efforts and self-control or will power.

The centerpiece of treatments includes: Naturotherapy, Mud therapy, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy, Yoga exercise (principally walking-jogging) and Acupuncture. Equal emphasis is on diet and food. The Institute has had patients suffering from variety of ailments – stomach pain, headache, allergy, cardio vascular diseases, cancer, bipolar, mood disorder, anxiety schizophrenia, etc.
The Institute admits the patients after thorough examination by its doctors and medical professional. Those with terminal illness are not encouraged. “Even if there is no total cure we have notched huge success providing the relief and reversing the disease advancement. Overall speaking we have a success rate of 85 to 90 percent. Many of our patients come again to ensure the permanence of relief and cure,” said Garg.

JNI is a unique charitable health care center devoted to provide relief, prevention and cure to the suffering humanity from specific diseases otherwise incurable. A pioneer in its field, the Institute was conceptualized and visualized by Dr. S.R. Jindal, a philanthropic naturopath and a noted industrialist. The head of he JNI, Dr Jindal was an ardent advocate of naturopathy even as a teen and was all the more convinced of the system while going from youth to adulthood.

Though in his early eighties, by strictly following nature cure principles he has maintained excellent health and looks at least twenty years younger than his physical age. First time in the history of preventive medical care, JNI has evolved a unique drugless treatment regimen, by bringing together, the two most powerful curative tools of ancient India, Naturopathy & Yoga.

Vaidehi Patel