Kashmiri Pandits condemn killing of sarpanch

Kashmiri Pandits condemn killing of sarpanch

NEW DELHI: Kashmiri Pandit organisations have condemned the killing of Ajay Pandita, Sarpanch and a member of the minority community of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir, by terrorists.

Sanjay Peshin, from Roots in Kashmir, said: “No conviction in 30 years of any Kashmiri Pandit killing by terrorists makes terrorists believe that they can kill Hindus in Kashmir without any fear of law. Till swift justice and severe punishment is not delivered, the jihadis will continue to kill with impunity.”

Many community leaders and organisations expressed their grief and anguish and held meetings at various states. Community members felt that government was unable to protect the Hindus working in Kashmir, said a statement.

Vijay Kashkari, General Secretary, AIKS, said “Ajay Pandita was a brave son of India, who tried to revive the political process in Kashmir, always working towards benefit of all, irrespective of faith or belief. This killing is intended to challenge the concept of India, its values and resolve of people to live peacefully.”

“Cowardly act of killing an unarmed and innocent Kashmiri Pandit in Kashmir is a loss for the entire community. I request Prime Minister, Home Minister and Lt. Governor to ensure safety of minorities in Kashmir,” said Ajay Bharti former MLC

The community observed two-minute silence and resolved that they will not be deterred by these cowardly acts and will continue to fight for justice and their respectful return to their homes in kashmir, a statement said.