Kausani, Uttarakhand: Spectacular 300 km-wide view of Himalayan peaks

Kausani, Uttarakhand Spectacular 300 km-wide view of Himalayan peaks

Kausani is a Himalayan village in the Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand. It is located at an altitude of 1890 meters above sea level. This small and serene hill resort is known for its natural beauty and it offers a spectacular 300 km-wide view of the Himalayan peaks of Trishul (the Trident of Shiva, 7120 m), Nandadevi (Goddess of bliss, 7817 m) and Panchuli.

It is a cute picturesque village with scenic splendor and vibrancy but less than 300 inhabitants.

This majestic hill resort is placed on the ridge of the hillock. The panoramic views of the Someswar Valley on one side and Baijnath Katyuri and Garur on the other side are breathtaking. The Sun rising above the Himalayan peaks is really a wonderful, unforgettable experience from Kausani. The green Kausani is surrounded by dense pine forests.

The cool and pleasant ambience of this unspoiled and serene location makes it a much sought holiday destination for tourists, nature lovers and environmentalists. Many breathtaking picnic spots are available in and around this location. Enriched with attractive wild flowers and cool soft breeze carrying the fragrance of the hilly regions, Kausani is really a must see tourist location in India.

Tourist Attractions

Sumitranandan Pant Gallery: It is a museum dedicated to the great Hindi poet Sumitranandan Pant whose birthplace was Kasauni. The museum is housed in the place where the poet spent his childhood.

The museum displays manuscripts of his poems, draft copies of his literary work, his day-to-day use articles, the awards received and also the letters written by him and received by him. The museum is located at the backdrop of hilly greenish landscapes. The compact library in the museum is worth visiting.

Kasauni Tea Estate

Kasauni Tea Estate: Kasauni Tea Estate and Factory is a world-renowned tea plantation located close to the town. This is the most important industry of the region and is spread over more than 208 hectares in 21 divisions. It is from this plantation that delicious high flavor Girias Uttaranchal tea is produced. This tea is popular abroad including in USA, Korea and UK.

The view of the scenic green tea plantations is an amazing experience. . The tourist can go through all the tea manufacturing process with the help of an experienced guide. Tourists can pick up the best quality favorite tea brands from the factory for a moderate price.

Rudradhari Falls and Caves: Rudradhari Falls and Caves are located amid terraced fields, lush green paddy fields and dense green pine forests. These magnificent waterfalls can be viewed while trekking to Adi Kailash region. The Rudhadhari falls is a natural attraction here and many ancient caves are found nearby.

The Puranic stories relate to this place with Lord Shiv (Rudra) and Lord Vishnu (Hari). The caves are natural and very impressive. The Shiv Temple at Someshwar is situated close to the waterfalls.

Gandhi Ashram (Anashakti Ashram): Anashakti Ashram, popularly known as Gandhi Ashram, is a highly revered ashram, which was blessed with the stay of Mahatma Gandhi for some days. It was during that period that he wrote a commentary on Anashakti Yog.

The Ashram is in a very calm and secluded area. It is placed in the backdrop of scenic surroundings, with majestic views of Himalayan ranges all around. One can do meditation in the calm atmosphere of the Ashram without any disturbance of the outside world.

Kot Bhramari Temple: Kot Brahmari temple, located at the top of a mountain enclosed by a fort, is known popularly by Bhramari Devi or Kote-ke-mai temple. Legend relates this place to Adi Guru Shankaracharya. It is believed that he spent some valuable time in this temple on his way to Garhwal region.

The unique feature of this temple is that the main deity, Goddess Bhramari is facing north and devotees offer prayers from the south direction of the temple. Devotees throng to this temple during a grand fair held annually in August. During this festival known as Nanda Raj Jat, the idol is taken out in a procession through the surrounding region.


Kausani is an ideal destination for vacations and adventure seekers as it has one of the best trekking routes in the region. The region experiences snowfall during the months of December and January. Though summer time is best for trekking, one can plan a tour during winter in order to enjoy the lovely snowfall.

One of the best trekking routes is from Kausani to Adi-Kailash via Dharchula. Adi Kailash is also known as Chhota Kailash. The name originated as the snow on this peak forms an impression of ‘OM’ imprinted on it. One gets to see the Parvati Lake and Jollingkong Lake here. The trek gives one a chance to view the beautiful snow peaks of Annapurna, thick forests, waterfalls and wild flowers.

Kasauni to Sundergandha is a hard trek route. Sunderdhunga Glacier is in the Pindar region. Sunderdhunga means the valley of beautiful stones. This valley is situated to the west of the Pindar Valley and has two glaciers, Maiktoli and Sukhram. An awe-inspiring view of Tharkot, Mrigthuni and Maiktoli peaks is available from here.

Best time to visit Kausani is from September to May.

How to reach

By Train: Nearest railway station is at Kathgodam. Kathgodam to Kausani city is about 142 km.

By Air: The nearest airport to Kausani is Naini Saini in Pithoragarh, which is nearly 112 km away from the heart of the city. The major international airport near Kausani is Delhi, which is nearly 425 km away from the city.

By Bus: Bus services connect Kausani to other hill stations like Almora, Ranikhet, Nainital and Pittorgarh. Many overnight tourist bus services run by private companies are available from New Delhi.

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