Kevin Pietersen Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane; Shares Cherished Moment from Ashes

Kevin Pietersen During an Interview with Betway
Kevin Pietersen During an Interview with Betway

During his illustrious 10-year international career, Kevin Pietersen, regarded as one of England’s finest batsmen, achieved an impressive record by securing victory in four out of six Ashes series. Kevin Pietersen was born on 27th June 1980 and is a former international cricket player who played for England between 2005 to 2015. During his tenure, he served as a captain too for a brief period. He also won the “Player of the Series” award for his performance in Twenty20 World Cup 2010.

Having one of the most iconic careers in the gentlemen’s sport, Kevin Pietersen has displayed incredible skills on fields, especially in the Ashes series. In a recent interview given to Betway Satta, he unfolds some of the best moments in the Ashes series:

Smashing Shane Warne for a Six

The Australian team was perfect, and there was no negative thing about them. The only thing that he knew to beat the team was to think about winning. His score against Shane Warne was a way to tell the team that you can do it if you really try.

Flintoff’s Impact plus Celebrations

Freddie made a great impact on the series for his team. His performance throughout the series was beyond comparison. Our team looked up to him; he never stopped scoring and didn’t miss a single catch, and everyone around us admired him. His performance was overwhelming throughout the series, and I felt too great to be part of the team. 

Edgbaston Finale

In 2005 we played this iconic test match. Every test match we played was incredible. The final morning, we saw Australians coming for us louder and much louder. I can recall their voice, three runs, five runs and Harmy bowled his best full toss towards Lee, and without wasting any time, he smacked towards Simon Jones. In my thought process, the game was over. But what happened next is still remembered by the world and was meant to be.

Injured McGrath 

McGrath was out, and we all were too excited. It doesn’t happen every day that we see McGrath returning a ball. It was a great bonus for us to play that day, and as I have mentioned, we were already ready to smack Australia. There can be no other better situation for us to take advantage of. 

Winning, especially in Australia, was one of the best things ever for me in Cricket. We can say that we put a lot of pressure on them because of our performance and scored against them as quickly as we could. The batting line was undoubtedly amazing for their team; they have great players. Being able to beat Australia was big, and winning four Ashes was like setting up a new milestone.

I guess we won about four out of six Ashes series. We put in a lot of sweat and tears to win these tournaments, but in the end, it was worth it.

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