Kyiv failed to create conditions for humanitarian corridor: Russia

Kyiv failed to create conditions for humanitarian corridor Russia

MOSCOW: Russian Defence Ministry on Sunday said Ukraine has not fulfilled its commitments with regards to organizing humanitarian corridors to help people leave Mariupol.

The ministry said that Russia made another attempt to evacuate civilians from Mariupol on Sunday.
“Russia created all conditions for setting up a humanitarian corridor. We have to conclude that the Ukrainian side did not fulfill its obligations,” the ministry was quoted as saying by Sputnik news agency.

The United Nations regards humanitarian corridors to be one of the key forms of a temporary pause of armed conflict.

Russia and Ukraine had agreed to organize humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians in the second round of talks in Belarus on March 4.

Russia maintained that the Ukrainian forces prevented people from leaving the city on Saturday, while the Ukrainian authorities blamed the delay on Russian forces violating the ceasefire that was agreed upon. (ANI)