Love Jihad a virus to be stopped in bud, List of 147 case studies an eye-opener

Love Jihad a virus to be stopped in bud, List of 147 case studies an eye-opener

 Madhu Patel

CHICAGO: Love Jihad is apparently a conspiracy being run by some people through money power, wherewithal/resources and religious superstitions.

 It is absolutely necessary to stop it. The list of 147 Love Jihad case studies with facts and figures,will open the eyes of the society.

The VHP Working President reminded that the Chief Minister of Kerala had said in 2012 that 2667 Hindu girls had converted to Islam in the previous 3 years and during that period, 79 girls had returned to their Hindu fold and 2 to Christian fold. This imbalance is disturbing. A Love Jihadist is confident that whatever he is doing to deceive the unsuspecting Hindu girls (especially those from the lower/middle income groups) by playing a Hindu boy by wearing Tilak spot on forehead, Kalava thread on right hand, and trap them into marriage and convert to Islam, and hang out with them, has the full support of his community!

When the girl learns that the boy to whom she married is a Vidharmi hailing from a desert religion, having their habits of food and drink, costumes, mores, manners, morals, ethics and behavior contrarious and opposite, then what is her condition and situation is clear from many examples.

The ‘Hindu Vishwa’ has exposed the pan-Bharat Love Jihad conspiracy through its researched data of 147 case studies and these facts and figures will make the people exercised to help the authorities take on the problem.