Major mishap averted at Delhi airport; Vistara planes get permission for take off, landing at same time


NEW DELHI: A major mishap was averted at the Delhi airport on Wednesday morning as a Vistara Airlines aircraft was given permission for take-off while another was in the process of landing. The take-off was aborted after instructions from ATC.

Flight UK725 from Delhi to Bagdogra was taking off from the newly inaugurated runway and the Vistara flight from Ahmedabad to Delhi, after landing on a parallel runway, was moving towards the end of the runway.

“Both were given permission at the same time but ATC took control immediately. The ATC (Air Traffic Control) officer on duty asked Vistara flight to abort take-off,” an official, who was aware of the developments, told ANI.

Delhi-Bagdogra flight returned to the parking bay from the active runway immediately after take-off was aborted.  Officials said it was refuelled to ensure that the plane had enough fuel to return to Delhi if the pilot encountered bad weather conditions at Bagdogra. The braking system was also checked, they said.

According to airport officials, if the flight taking off was not stopped at the right time, a major accident could have happened.

According to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), no aircraft or vehicle movement is allowed during the process of take-off and landing.

Sources said passengers became a little apprehensive when the pilot of the flight bound for  Bagdogra announced that the plane will not take off due to instructions from ATC.

Senior pilot and founder of Safety Matters Foundation, Capt Amit Singh said that flight operations “from closely spaced runways require enhanced monitoring and stricter compliance with SOPs to avoid a potential traffic collision due to the proximity of the flight path”.

“Normally a take-off clearance is not issued to an aircraft on one runway unless the aircraft on the second runway has landed,” he said.

“However, due to a lapse if the aircraft is permitted to take off from one runway and the aircraft approaching on the second runway decides to abort the landing and carry out a go-around to climb ahead, the flight path of the two aircraft in the air may come in conflict since the runway they were aligned to were closely spaced,” he added.

ANI contacted Vistara but there were no immediate comment from the airline. (ANI)

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