‘Microsoft got over 400 requests from India for info on IDs’


microsoft-200x150WASHINGTON: Microsoft received over 400 requests from India last year for inquiries regarding criminal activity, affecting nearly 600 different accounts, according to the American tech giant.

Microsoft provided no content data in response to these requests, the company said.

However, Microsoft did provide non-content data 88.5 per cent of the time, 10.5 per cent of the time Microsoft could not find any data for the account specified, and one per cent of the time Microsoft rejected the request for not meeting legal requirements.

The American tech giant received as many as 418 requests from Indian law enforcement agencies in 2012 which were inquiries regarding criminal activity and in all affected 594 different accounts or IDs.

On information related to Skype, the Indian government made 53 requests to Microsoft, which in all were related to 101 accounts.

However, requests made by the Indian Government in both the email and Skype categories are far less than that of other countries.

Curiously in the email requests, the list is topped by Turkey with 11,434 requests affecting 14,077 accounts; while the US made 11,073 requests affecting 24,565 accounts.

These countries were followed by Britain (9225 requests affecting 14,301 accounts), France (8603 requests affecting 17,973 accounts) and Germany (8419 requests affecting 13226 accounts).

The information comes amid global concern over snooping claims against the US by Edward Snowden, a former CIA contractor.

Snowden has leaked to the media details of the secret American program on tapping into the phone details of American nationals and intrusion into private emails of foreign nationals. -PTI