Shweat Tiwari Blingvine

Bracelets are the perfect blend of simplicity combined with elegance. They add a charm to every outfit and tie in every look. Bracelets are a fun way to experiment with new looks and try to mix and match with other accessories.

There are plenty of bracelets for girls in the market so the real task is actually sifting through to find the best ones. As much as many people may not think of bracelets while visualising a look, an outfit isn’t finished without the addition of a bracelet on your arm. 

Here are some extremely fun and unique bracelets from Blingvine you can try this year, whatever the occasion may be, from a mundane Monday to a grand gala, we’ve got you covered. 

Ramona Crystal Bracelet

If you’re on the lookout for a sophisticated and classy bracelet, look no further. The Ramona Crystal Bracelet is royal and befitting for a queen such as yourself. It’s made with Crystals from Swarovski and is platinum plated.

Here’s how actress Shweta Tiwari adorned it and we have to say, we’re obsessed! At this point, this bracelet will just elevate any look to worthy of being of a red carpet. This is a bracelet that has proven itself worthy of being one of the most luxurious bracelets that is dripping with glamour. 

Nakshatra Bracelet

The Nakshatra Bracelet is one of the most preferred bracelets from Blingvine. It is popular because it is minimal and classy.  It definitely is a celeb favourite too. It’s made with high-quality AAA clear Austrian Crystals and has a long-lasting German Rhodium polish. If we’re being frank, this is a bracelet for women and a bracelet for girls alike. It is a staple to add to your collection. It goes well with traditional outfits and with western outfits and looks flawless, no matter what. 

Manvi Gagroo Nakshatra Bracelet Blingvine


Spring Goddess Bracelet

Are you looking for a bracelet that showcases fun and elegant look? This is the one for you. Again, this is a great option for younger girls as well as contemporary women who aren’t afraid to experiment with their style and aesthetic.

This is a must-have bracelet for 2022 as well, because of its versatility and charm. It’s made of White Mother of pearl work and adorns crystals from Swarovski and is very high quality and long-lasting 18K rose gold plating. It’s perfect for a boho-themed brunch with your girlfriends and a puja at home. 

Checkers Chain Bracelet

One of the most frequent complaints of people who own gold or artificial jewellery is that some of the nicer pieces cannot become staples of their look. Gold plated jewellery is here to your rescue. If you’re on the lookout for a versatile bracelet that you can just wear every day, the Checkers Chain Bracelet is the one for you.

It comes with enamel work, and Mother of Pearl work and is topped off with 18K Rose Gold plating. We have to say, it really checks all the boxes, this bracelet. 

Paris Love Bracelet 

Some jewellery pieces are romantic by nature. They have that look and feel about them. The Blingvine Paris Love Bracelet is one such piece. It is a precious little bracelet that is inspired by Victorian Style Swarovski bracelets as its name suggests inspired by the city, of Paris!

It’s made of Swarovski crystals, and high-grade imitation rubies and finished off with German Rhodium polish that will ensure longevity and protect this piece. This bracelet is especially suited for those who prefer a pop of colour on their jewellery. It is also perfect for the younger girls because it has that young, fun vibe about it and can accordingly be used to dress up an outfit or dress it down. 

Harleen Sethi Nakshatra Bracelet BlingvineAt the end of the jewellery, whatever bracelet you pick will be unique to you because it adds another layer and dimension to your look and is also an extension of your personality, with all its quirks. You may instinctively gravitate to more certain specific bracelets instead of the others and that is fine.

You can take that as an opportunity to explore what jewellery makes you feel the best and is worthy of becoming a permanent member of your collection. The jewellery only shines when the person wearing it shines, you know?