Natural abs

Akshay-Kumar-BodyAkshay Kumar, who is counted amongst the fittest and most agile actors in the Hindi film industry, says he does not favor six-pack or eight-pack abs and that he believes in a “natural way of maintaining a good body”.

“It takes a long time to make abs. Tehelte tehelte nahi ban jaate abs (It is not a cakewalk to get such abs),” said Akshay on being asked about the trend of abs in Bollywood.
“All that is shown onscreen might not be real either. I don’t endorse these six-pack or eight-pack abs. I believe in the natural way of maintaining a good body,” he added.

The 47-year-old, who himself has a well-sculpted body, asserts that rather than focusing on building abs, people should care about their future health.

“A lot of people depend on products that may give them a good feeling about their bodies for few days, but the long-term effect is dangerous,” Akshay said.