NCERT Class 10 Guidance: Why is your child not able to fare well in Math?

Maths Phobia

It could be that you suffer from Math anxiety. It is a wrong assumption that you are the only parent suffering from this Math phobia. The truth is that majority of the parents or guardians across the globe fear this subject. This is likely to affect your child’s marks and confidence as well. It is for this reason; you should depend on ncert solutions for class 10 maths to help your child score well in his/her board exams. 

Contagious beliefs of parents

Some parents are found to express anxiety, especially when helping their children to practice complex sums. This, in turn, makes the child to panic, thereby reducing significantly his/her exam performance and to score less. Children who are constantly told by their parents that their performance in maths is not good are only found to show declined results. 

Problems not limited to parents only

Besides parents, even private tutors may express anxiety about their ward’s understanding of the subject. This is sure to affect the child’s performance again. More anxiety is exhibited by the teacher; more is likely to be the negativity spread in the minds of the students. This is more so with girls who are believed to not perform well in math. 

Why is math anxiety considered to be a problem?

Math performance is likely to be affected significantly by math anxiety. The latter, according to experts, might have disruptive effects upon the child’s working memory. As the child gets preoccupied with apprehensive and fearful thoughts, their brain tends to lose focus on the assigned complex tasks at hand. This automatically makes them remain at a disadvantage level and lack competition. It is more so if students are provided with timed tests, where they start to get anxious and panic. 

It is important for students to appear in class 10 board exams with great confidence and to get better results. Only then will they be able to get higher marks in the board exam and choose a stream of their preference for higher studies. But lack of confidence in this particular subject will only result in them not being able to select their choice of subjects and careers. The reason is because of stiff competition that is increasing with each passing day and reducing the number of seats. It is important to complete high-level math to gain entry into the leading colleges in the country and abroad. 

With time, STEM careers are in huge demand the world over and are becoming part of the global economy. The future working world is likely to get transformed in various radical ways within a short time period. Driverless cars, for example, might make truck and taxi drivers obsolete in the near future. Hence, children of today are required to have an in-depth understanding of STEM subjects to better prepare to approach the job market with great confidence. 

How can parents help their child to gain skills in complex math problems easily?

Parents who are subjected to expressing anxiety when dealing with complex math problems should refrain from expressing the same to their child. You should sound positive on how math can provide assistance in daily life. Do help with their math homework and motivate them to put in the right efforts. Even if they make mistakes, correct it instead of scolding them. Class 10 is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Your boosting to your child will make him/her confident in the subject. It will also enhance his/her math skills and do complex problems with great ease. You can introduce your child to ncert solutions that are easily available over the web. 

Fostering positive attitudes on math is essential. It can be done by emphasizing the importance of this subject and make it seem fun-filled and exciting. It is necessary to understand that this subject is better learned through persistence and constant practice. Cuemath can help your child avoid those costly mistakes, thus increasing marks in the exam significantly.