New Crorepatis from Nagaland Lottery

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In Nagpur, Maharashtra, one lucky lottery was rewarded after four years of playing lotteries. Prashant Kumar, a 40-year-old government worker, bought lottery tickets as he did every week. As he was tired after a long day of work he explained that he almost ignored buying tickets but decided to return to his favourite stall as he had already passed it.

He picked up a few tickets costing Rs 6 each and continued home. Just a day later he could call himself a crorepati thanks to the Rs 1 crore bumper prize he had won. The first prize of the Dear Lottery from the government of Nagaland had been awarded to one of his many tickets.

“The results had come online a day after the purchase and I just could not believe that I had won.”  Some of his family members were just as sceptical thinking it was some kind of fraud. On Tuesday the 18th of February a grand event was held in honour of winners and celebrating the lotteries success. Ramasami was the other winner who took home the first prize of the Dear Lohri Mahar Sankranti Bumper and also claimed a Rs 1 crore jackpot.

The ceremony was grand with both celebrity guests and several acts. The event was kicked off with a Ganesh Vandana Dance performed by a city group. Actress Bhagyashree Patwardhan was the guest of honour, famously known for her role in the Bollywood Film “Maine Pyar Kiya”. She also took part in handing out the checks to the lucky winners.

Wembley stadium
Wembley Stadium

Lotteries Importance

The Director of Nagaland Lottery addressed the joyful crowd explaining the importance of lotteries. All over the world lotteries have had a huge part of a countries development. Not only does it give the chance to reward fortunate citizens but it also is a way of giving back to society. Improvements in infrastructure and services are possible through both the taxes and incomes from government lotteries.

Impressive examples such as the great wall of china and the Wembley stadium were constructed with lottery income. The Nagaland Lottery further encouraged other states to follow Nagalands example by explaining the income benefits. 

“The lottery system takes no effort and deducts only 30% from the winning money as a tax to the central government. The lottery is not just about winning and becoming rich but also about becoming a responsible citizen as you pay your tax as soon as you win the money in the lottery.”

Excluded Players 

A problem with this statement is that lotteries aren’t legal in all states in India preventing many citizens from trying out their luck. Some nationals, therefore, play illegal private lotteries that not only give income to organized crime but winners can’t pay taxes on their wins in fears of being punished.

Being penalized for wanting to have the same opportunities as other Indians should not be a problem in 2020. Not many know that there actually are legal lottery alternatives online.

Several websites that explain not only the dangers of illegal lotteries but also the benefits of legal online international lotteries have surfaced. You can find information on everything from Indian lottery taxes to guides on how to play Powerball from India.

Until the other states start reaping the benefits of government lotteries some players have no choice but to play online. This is not anything bad since winners can still pay their central government taxes legally but a lot of income from lottery tickets disappear from each state.